Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alexander 6, V15.

Days pass on slowly now with not so much photographic acquaintances nor trials. In the meantime, I've thought of preparing some photographs taken from Ireland around Galway and Mayo, specially of around the Waterfront, the lovely place where I stayed there, and I shall print them out on a photopaper (or glossy one) and send them as they are like that to Mrs Walsh, the Waterfront owner. The bad thing is, I didn't get to do this before this time, as St Patrick day is approaching. It would be a nice gift for that day. Anyway, I should not forget to include a letter from apologizing for the past events with the DHL destroying my shipment!

My purchase from BH is still under processing since the submission on last Thursday. A delay that I really don't like, specially for such important tools like the fisheye lens and cleaning kit. DHL, however, is going to win a double way from me; sending to Ireland and receiving shipments.
Currently I;ve been thinking about whether I would be able to go to Ireland again, or if I have the chance to travel again, should I go to Ireland, Malta, or Anacapri (Italy)? Sweden seems a good choice too. Dreams, dreams, dreams... . On the other hand, there had been dreams in which I have my own studio! Such a dull life can only be soothed out by such dreams I guess.  Sometimes I wish if I can just indulge in some work to forget everything around me, yet my physical limits stop me from doing whatever I do want to do. This morning I was rushing through the streets and jumping here and there and trying to finish everything in my hands, then suddenly I just held the brake and I feel dizzy and tired already while typing these words now. Well, what do you expect from a person who sleeps 4 hours only before coming to work?

Just for the sake of fun, and to not leave this post with no pictures really, here are some pictures from Ireland, again...

ħayyúþáy húþ yiclam xalá yaħávah, xalá núr. Ayná aošas raviħiþáy, šá yixwan yaħávah bazú daynúr? Yaw yaħávah láy? Ka-inan e-daynúr ğadar bidarąúnú láy. Kil yi xawant aħaylim bú, calam ka-tuxun ba-harrá…

337. and the body of Kadmún fell on the ground rolling
338. while the fire from his body splashed like a volcano
339. and then the shepherds sang songs of praise to the hero
340. and congratulated him for his winning
341. thus, the hero then said: congratulate not me,
342. but congratulate yourselves for knowing the truth
343. then go and be free in your life with goodness,
344. there is no one owns you, except of God
345. then Ikilis said: and we thank God who send you,
346. to save us from the agony and ignorance,
347. and thus in return you shall be our guest,
348. as long as you like, with safety and health
349. and the hero could not refuse the generosity
350. because who refuses generosity is thought of as low
351. and the hero is one of the highest class
352. despite his looks after the adversities he lived
353. yet, he decided to stay with them for three days
356. and then continue his journey to the Ayvar lands
357. this he told to Ikilis the shepherd
358. and Ikilis laughed with open eyes and surprise
359. when he heard the name of the Ayvars
360. and agreed to help the hero in his quest

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