Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alexander 6, V14.

Somehow, an active day. Yet, in the middle I felt so tired that I can barely open my eyes and still, till this very moment of writing this.
I've placed an order just few minutes ago new tools, and this time the order was expensive indeed. But what to do? I really need these stuff. For someone with a budget like mine, yes they are expensive I believe. The placed order almost was going to hit the limit of $1000.00. No problems with visa anyway. Hopefully I shall be able to zero this down in two or three months with careful payments.
The order placed contains ONLY 2 items. One item was the Canon Fisheye EF 15mm f/2.8 Autofocus Lens;

This lens however, has a fixed focal length. I don't know how does it feel to have such a tool really. I'm kind of used to zoom in and out but this one here has a fixed focal length. According to a friend of mine who is more of an expert than I do, he said that such lenses with fixed focal lengths are better in quality and in stability. Well, the lens does not have an IS system, otherwise the price would be even more than it is already.

The other tool is actually a set or a kit for cleaning the sensor. It is made of brushes only and no liquids included as I read in the description. Maybe I can get some liquid later on after the purchase of these brushes, or maybe these brushes are enough to clean the sensor already? At least to the level of dust particles. I hope it goes well with that, because there is no way I'm leaving my camera for 5 days in the workshop.

In the mean time, I've made no further snapping around with my camera. I'm spending my time playing a game or doing a work-related work. It is supposed to be a simple work, but you might know already how things go with Microsoft Office stuff. It's worse than studying physics, trust me.
I'm thinking of starting a "hobby" or a project let's say that I had in mind long time ago; Photographing haunted or deserted houses. 
It is funny though how the concept of "Ghosts" is quite different between the west and the orient. Mainly you see in western culture, the "ghost" is to mean something, some apparition, with the shape of someone (who is usually dead). This is of course not the case in all occasions, like the poltergeists (noisy spirits, الأشباح الضاجة) for example. In the oriental cultures, I've rarely encountered "ghosts" with the meaning of shaping someone dead. Most of the literature go by talking about paranormal events and paranormal creatures. The main talk in Middle East, is about demons or the Djinns, who are part of the faith as well. Just an explanation for none-M.Easterns, Djinns are believed to be creatures just like human beings, but no one can see them unless by practicing some specific spiritual "sports" as they call it. There had been some events that happened to me personally related to that topic, like seeing some smoke going here and there for no occasion or fire and some other stuff and stories that had been told by others. Anyway the main point is, Ghosts in the west, are not exactly the Ghosts that are meant to be in the eastern world.

It's Thursday and time for TGIT...
313. as Kadmún ran to the shepherds with rage
314. Alexander put his leg and obstructed him
315. and Kadmún fell down on his face to the ground
316. while the shepherds wanted to take his soul out
317. but with a gesture from Alexander's hand they stopped
318. and then Alexander said: it is not an honorable act,
319. to kill a creature lying on the ground defenseless
320. get out of his way, unless he attacks you
321. if he made me dead, then he wins
322. if I got him dead, then I win
323. and if I was dead do not hurt him
324. if you believe in God, He shall take my revenge
325. and if you did not believe in God, it is my sorrow
326. and the hero finished his speech with the shepherds
327. while Kadmún praised his bravery in the field
328. and asked him to stand up again and fight back
329. thus, Alexander, stood up again and raised the sword
330. and the sounds of iron deafened the ears again
331. while the rains of the north started to pour
332. but the rain did not stop the might of the two
333. and the fight was between equal powers
334. until the time when Kadmún stroke the leg
335. and the hero seemed to fall on the ground
336. it was then, by a trick, the hero took the head

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