Monday, March 22, 2010

Alexander 6, V21.

A sort of a busy day. Working in the lab a bit and opening the labs myself since the janitors are in strike as I heard. To tell the truth, I'm happy for that. One day without looking at the janitor! Woho!
In order to help my friend, I went on roaming the place first thing I came here, before even connecting my laptop to the net as usual or anything. I got my camera bag and connected the camera already before going into the building and carried the bag just if it was a normal student's bag or case. I went over the ground floor, then up to the first floor into some classes to take pics. Well, despite the fact that I didn't take the tripod with me, but I couldn't resist the urge to take panoramas standing up with a shaky hands, and hence, the aperture size was to be maximum (f-number is low). I think it was f4.5. Not only this will give me a faster shutter speed and compensate for my hand shake, but also it would be better for a faster job on location. Without any doubt, the shoot was run for HDR. If HDR compositing was not feasable because of some shake, at least I would be able to pick up a suitable one from the different 3 exposures. When HDR is made up, that would be extremely fine, since I can control the contrast and the light level in various areas, or even just hit the Photomatix and give out some magic.
I made out some experiments with the pictures taken yesterday from here, and I was just AMAZED for the level of noise and spots on the images when I started to tone-map! The cleaning kit and the whole shipment in the DHL arrived, but is not released yet as per writing this. I hope it wouldn't reach my Judgement Day to see the shipment released!

I've suggested to my director that we might print out something as a gift for the German ambassador. Although I feel a bit awkward and not in mood for any public show off or any formal meetings, but I felt the urge to do this. Don't ask me why, but it is something kicking from the inside and tells me to do something. The choice fell maybe between 2 images; our building, or a picture of our biggest lab...

Printing out these should be done the right way now. Converting to CMYK, correcting the color shifts and then print. It's not going to be an easy task to compensate for the loss of some colors I would say. I heard that correcting the colors under CMYK is a hard task indeed. I shall experiment with that soon as I go back home, and this time I have to do it on my own expense as well, and no time for any excuses or delays. The visit is scheduled for next Wednesday, and it is Monday here already. I would wish if I would think of days coming so fast like this when it comes to my weekend plans!

481. Alexander asked the huge man in a hurry
482. "Ayvar! you know them? where they are?"
483. the man smiled slowly and calmly then said
484. "O good king, we are verily said to be their children,
485. but I do not know anything about their places,
486. and I do not know if they existed even,
487. but for long time, other tribes used to call us like that,
488. children of the Ayvar, and who speaks almost like us,
489. are called the ayvaric children of the deserts,
490. I apology if my knowledge is not what you are seeking!"
491. then Alexander remembered why he came here in the beginning
492. and said to the huge man: I came here to see a man of wisdom
493. and the huge man answered: this is verily not me I suppose!
494. we are the children of the desert take care of days when they come
495. but we worry not about the upcoming future!
496. then Alexander said: the man I am seeking is named Ázilis
497. do you happen to know him O good man?
498. the huge man was surprised and said in a slow speech
499. "Yes O good king, he is our wise man and our guide,
500. but it might be hard to speak to him at the moment,
501. or you might not be able to talk to him so soon"
502. Alexander asked in a questioning tone thereafter
503. "Why is it so O good man?"
504. and the huge man replied: because he is dying

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