Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alexander 6, V22.

Oh... my... GOD!
If there is a word to describe such a traffic, that would be simply "Kuwait City". More than three hours doing chores here and there out of work. In fact, they were like 2 chores only but they just took so damn long to be done. My first chore was to print out 2 images as a gift for the German Ambassador for his awaited visit tomorrow. The second chore was to go to DHL and pick up my shipment finally! 10 minutes, more or less, I had to wait in the traffic in the traffic light without moving one inch! Well, to be honest, I moved 3 inches maybe during that time...
One of the things that almost made me fly off the handle is that beggar who roams the front of the DHL facility. Like she is aiming exactly at me... and of course her face was covered like most of the beggars. She started to call me while I was doing my papers and payment, which made me yell at her to stop nagging. I prepared some money for her already, but when I left the place, she was gone. Don't think of me as a harsh person please, but some people here make out begging as a craft.

My current state of mind is just... not here, to say the least. The visit of the ambassador is roaming around my head and it really pisses me off. I'm still not sure of myself if I want to attend the ceremony or not. I might be here in college, but would rather be some where else other than my office. For the time being, today is going to be a busy day for me; Showering, shaving and trimming and preparing some good suit to wear.


505. and the shock took over Alexander
506. and begged the man to show him Ázilis as soon as possible
507. so the man agreed to Alexander's request
508. and they moved among the tents of the tribe
509. until they reached a green tent that scented like herbs
510. and Alexander wondered about the smell
511. thus the man answered: these are the scents of herbs,
512. your man had been taking a lot of medicines,
513. yet we are not sure he will survive
514. then both of them asked for permission to go inside
515. and a weak voice from inside said something
516. then they moved inside and the old man was lying on the ground
517. almost dead with thin body and bones showing outside
518. and both of them approached closer and sat beside his body
519. and the huge man started to talk with a tongue
520. some tongue that Alexander did not understand
521. then the old man gazed upon Alexander carefully
522. and said with a weak voice with a perfect Caqobian
523. "you are the king?" the old man asked Alexander
524. and Alexander replied "yes, I was the king..."
525. but the old man said: a good king, is always a king
526. and then Alexander smiled and asked: and you are Ázilis?
527. the old man said amid the coughs: truly I am and this day is promised
528. and once again the words made a race of thoughts for Alexander

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