Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alexander 6, V6.

It is such a busy day I have today. Too many things to do from the morning, and I have to get out of my work earlier than usual to get back home and wait for some guys to fix the pipes and such things around. For this reason, I'm posting this earlier, since I know I won't do it at all when I get back home.
I didn't make out new images, but I was hoping to make a successful trial with a coffee cup, after having some nice turkish coffee. My aim was to re-produce the image of the inner walls of the cup, but unfortunately, the experiment wasn't successful enough. I still have the images though and I might try something else. I think it would be easier if I used a concave mirror at the bottom of the cup to reflect all sides at once.
I leave you now with Verse 6 of Alexander VI;

121. and the hero stayed there for three days
122. and you can hear the mumble of hermits
123. worshipping and praising while working
124. and the Tell was producing lights from their torches
125. then in the morning of the fourth day he left
126. amid the tears of his lovers of hermits
127. and to the Three Sisters Lake he went
128. to get some water for his travel
129. and while he was taking the water up
130. he smelled something sharp and awful
131. and noticed from far away to the north
132. the smokes of Fulkan Muttere
133. while some people appeared from afar
134. bending and worshipping the volcano
135. he ran to them with amazement
136. then stood in front of them
137. trying to make them stop what they are doing
138. and they almost wanted to kill him
139. when one man of them yelled with anger
140. "are you trying to kill our sheep O fool?!"
141. then Alexander looked around him slowly
142. but no sheep he saw and did not understand a thing
143. then he throw dust upon them to stop them
144. but they tied him and made him a prisoner

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