Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alexander 6, V7.

After some streak of idleness and a streak of melancholy all over the place, I was able to make one experiment which I cannot say it is sucessful anyway but, well, it was a nice chance to test my softbox again.
I made many sittings and changed the position of the front light many times trying to make that sparkle off from the surface of the turtle but there was no use for that (except a tiny bit of luster). I even used my flash WITH the lights being on. I like the background though and the soft shadow, but I also need a nice sparkle in such images;

Exposures made by different apertures merged together and tone-mapped by Photoshop.

I read in some website that Exposure Fusion (which is a new technique that came after HDR), is now a new trend and is pretty much preferable rather than the HDR, mainly because of the skill needed when tone-mapping a HDR. Well, to me, the situation is not always like that. Many times, the EF did not yield the colors and contrast I would like to see in my images. However, there was a bit of information that I really liked to try, but I didn't do well yesterday (my mind was shattered), that is EF is able to enfuse several depth of fields, because the technique mainly compares pixels and picks the best pixel from each image to be represented according to some algorithm. I used EF already to merge pictures of different white balances (WB) and it made some nice images with different, and weird, hues like the locker before;

Two different images made by the same collection of images of different White Balances.

I shall try again today if I was able to, and to try out different depths of field to be combined. I think I should have somehow an active background instead of just a plain white background. Anyway, I shall leave you now with Alexander...

145. after finishing their worshipping in a hurry
146. they turned to Alexander with reddish eyes
147. and asked him about his name and origin
148. he answered back and told them the truth
149. they laughed in the beginning so loud
150. because how come the king of might
151. the well known king of Caqobia
152. be walking with no guards or army?
153. then one man showed his dagger to Alexander
154. and threatened Alexander if he did not say the truth
155. then Alexander asked them to see his index finger
156. on his left hand where he kept the royal ring
157. so the men checked his finger and got shocked
158. he was indeed the king of kings
159. the son of Pilippánút, the king of Caqobia
160. the conqueror of Geltans and Ghutans
161. they stood with no motion trying to understand
162. then with a smile Alexander asked them to sit
163. and he told them his story and his destination
164. and how he got down from his riches to poverty
165. then he preached to them about God and this life
166. and why he did what he did for them
167. and then he asked them about their story
168. about their origin and their faith

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