Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alexander 6, V28.

Whoever invented court houses, is a devil, or a lawyer indeed. No difference between the two I guess. from 7 o'clock till 10 waiting for the judge to give one damn pack of papers. The judge said it will all be decided by 29th of April. I hope I don't have to attend instead of the guys with me in the case. All of this, left me without any mood to do anything and so tired and sweaty. I can't even think of transliterating Alexander's story.

The night was hard. I spent my whole time (after the afternoon period) trying to fix the new panorama for the Guest Room. PTGui, beside the regular control points between adjacent images, gave a list of some separated images that could not share control points, and hence, I had to work on the list of pairs. It was a long long list. Concentrating on features in the monitor made my eyes reddish with veins popping out like a drug junkie here, and still I'm not finished yet, and the panorama still got broken lines here and there. If all of this did not work at all then I might have to do it the "even" harder way; Photoshop. I hate doing the fixes in Photoshop recently as they are more often, not useful in covering the erros that much, specially for broken lines. Maybe it is useful for cloning out noises or undesired spots, but as for broken lines, the whole process and workflow is different and in many cases, you end up creating more erratic features than the original image!
I slept earlier than the usual. Really earlier. Then in the next morning, today, I could barely wake up because of the "lack" of sleep I presume! Thank God it is Thursday today, and what  good day to go to court anyway!
Weekend is here and time to sleep... after getting outta here...

649. the groove looked infinite deep into the ground
650. while Alexander looked in all directions
651. he was looking for a land to move on around him
652. then he found some space to move backward under the moon's light
653. but at the end there was someone with a dagger in hand
654. he heard some laughters and he looked after Charnagút
655. but the Charnagút seems lost by now and maybe went into the groove
656. and Alexander looked into the stranger and tried to see
657. but his eyes tricked him and he could only see the dagger's luster
658. and the stranger went running into Alexander like a raging bull
659. but the hero with his strength held the hands firmly
660. and the hero shouted: why? who are you?
661. and a harsh sound went out from the mouth that was covered
662. "you do not know me and will not take away my treasure"
663. Alexander amid his amazement was struggling with the dagger
664. the dagger looked blue with the reddish moon light
665. thus he knew that the dagger is poisoned
666. and a single scratch will make him a dead man
667. the two rolled over the narrow land violently
668. and Alexander almost fell down to the groove
669. while the dagger was getting closer and closer to his chest
670. when suddenly the stranger made a shout out loud
671. and his strength went down and Alexander knocked him off
672. while Alexander glanced an arrow planted in his back

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