Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alexander 6, V29.

One heck of a morning. Thousand trials to get into my internet account here in my work place, and MSN keeps knocking me off from the network I'm already upset for the results I got after stitching my Guest Room panorama which was not, the least to say, good. Adding to this fuss, a device in my work place went into inhibit state during the weekend and thanks to my colleague who did not foretell this, since he is the one who took care of it for some time now.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the Guest Room panorama. In the weekend, I've started to stitch the panorama after adding control points myself in PTGui and trying to render the optimization in good results. For people who don't know, control points are the points of matching features between 2 images, by the computer analyzes the features in each image and try to blend them together in some way.
After I got the O.K., let's say, from the optimization process, I started the stitching process and this time, for my arrogant nature, I've set the scale to the maximum dimension possible for this panorama... 25,000 pixels by 12,500 pixels. The stitching, literally, took over 32 hours approximately! The result of this was an image in OpenEXR format, sizing around 830MB, which could not be opened by Photoshop or Photomatix at all. Anyway, I didn't delete the file and kept it like that, and worked then on a smaller panorama which was rendered and stitched in one hour or so. The results then were never to my satisfaction. Too many broken lines that I can't clone out or fix by Photoshop. In my desperate situation, I started to generate a template from stitching a reduced series of images (of the same panorama) that were in JPG format. I wanted to perfect the stitch for this one only, and then apply the template on the larger form, the HDR series. Alas, it didn't work as well and still the panorama had many broken lines.

The Guest Room, or as I called, the Golden Room because of the tone-mapping effect by Photomatix.

Maybe the broken lines aren't apparent in the small version, but in the larger one they are. I don't mind the broken lines in the flooring and tiles, but there are hard broken lines that MUST be fixed and fit properly in the decoration of the roof, the glass door, and the edges of the rugs. I'm thinking seriously of running the shoot again, but this time with my camera in landscape position. I think is what is causing the whole thing; the camera was in portrait position. The funny thing though, I've forgot to remove my slippers during the shoot and hence, as I announced, iti s the most important aspect of my image! I named it kuchi kuchi!

Kuchi Kuchi

Why this name, don't ask me. It just occured to me like that. The next time I shoot I really should enter this room with bare feet. I sought help from Photoshop to at least stitch the JPG files, and it was like a hoax. The program froze and hence, "end task" was the solution. I'm not willing to try again now.
For a spark of a moment now, I remembered that I still have images taken from Ireland and not processed yet. I should take a go on them now, specially with the lack of objects that I feel like taking pictures of.

Been thinking today of the writing work that overburdens my back for some time now. I didn't write any poem for some time now and this is too much really. I feel I want to write something and there are words crossing my mind but I just can't make a string and rhyme out of them. I renewed my account in today and eventually, I purchased a lower level account, since I'm more like a casual visitor now and not like what I've been before one year.
I've been thinking as well to post my Alexander's story there along with the transliteration texts, but they do need a spell check up of course, for both sides, the English and the Ayvarith text. Of course the Ayvarith text is the latinized text and not the original Ayvarith text! The only available original Ayvarith text is actually handwritten on A4 papers, and I might consider scanning one or two of these papers and post it here. They are full of scribbles and marks and correction marks..etc. They are a real mess.
For the time being, and until I finish the transliteration of Alexander 6 story, I decided already that my new homepage (in Fortunecity) shall not be including Flash contents, if possible. Too bad I won't be able to make sounds work in an easy way like in Flash, but well, it will keep me some time for myself later on. The thing I have to think about for the time being is the façade itself. I'm so awkward when it comes to programming languages and those HTML stuff, but I'll try like I did before and made the Flash webpage in GeoCities before.

I received one joke this morning. One of my pictures was sold on Fotolia. I really forgot I have an account there even. The purchase was somehow big; an image of the palm, in XXL size. Along with that, they sent me some email asking me to check my personal data and see for some tax information in their website. I looked a bit and, I got really sick of all that text. I'm looking at it in some other time. Even if I was not living in US or even a US citizen, they say I have to deal with it. They are withholding 28% of the payment, as I saw in their website under my sales report. A tax taken from someone with 5 dollars in his account... voila!
673. Alexander looked amazed at the dead man
674. he was breathing hardly because of the dust and exhaustion
675. he raised his head and gazed around him slowly
676. and in front of him there was a shade of a man from afar
677. the stranger man had a bow in his hands and covered his face
678. and with some steps he was walking to Alexander over some cracks
679. Alexander became ready for another combat
680. but the man of the nomadic costume showed his face
681. and under the dim light of the moon Alexander gazed
682. and with a loud voice he did shout: Utéfah!
683. thus Utéfah smiled and shook the hand of the hero
684. but the hero remained silent and did not know a thing
685. Utéfah then wanted to calm the hero down from his amazement
686. and started his speech: did he hurt you with his poisoned dagger?
687. the hero replied with some stuttering: yes... no... he did not!
688. then Utéfah said in a calming voice: it is over do not worry,
689. this man was Shalmún the son of Yáhúv the son of Inaf,
690. his father was a murderer and his grandfather was a thief,
691. he inherited the manners of his ancestors and went after you,
692. for he heard what you and Ázilis, the blessed, said together,
693. and he thought you are after some treasure in the desert,
694. thus I followed him when I did not find him among the men,
695. verily he was a man of treachery,
696. verily he was a man of no manners.

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