Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alexander 6, V32.

Well, I'm typing this in a hurry for the second time because the stupid connection resetted everything. Anyway, I hope you can see the QTVR here. I've found some way to upload the file and link to here but to me, it is still not showing for some plugin problems. Anyway, in case you can see it, I hope you enjoy it.
Many thanks to the folks in the Blogger help forum, who introuced me to Google Docs here, which I didn't know before. You can read the thread here.

As for now, I've trespassed the limit of 2000 lines in my transliteration process for Alexander's story part VI. That means I'm getting closer to the end, and then hopefully I will have more time to do other things with Ayvarith. I was thinking myself to try to speak it fluently if I can memorize the words perfectly. I might go on and speak to myself whenever I can (I know people will think I'm crazy anyway, and I am thought of so already), but I think this is the only way! I might be the creator, yes, but not a harddisk to memorize the words that I make without practicing them! This is why I made the story of Alexander in the first place.

As for now I shall leave you with another verse from Alexander 6...

Update: I've known by now that Google Docs does not link directly to the file but only offers a link for sharing. This is not useful. That's why I thought my QuickTime is not working. However, I've spotted Google Sites service and uploaded the file there. Hope you can see it now providing you have installed QuickTime. For more help with the plugin (as some problems can occur with the MIME settings, please check here.
745. thus Alexander looked down and started to walk
746. while Utéfah disappeared away from his sight one by one
747. and by every step he takes a new light block appears
748. until he suddenly reached a gate hanging in the air
749. and on the top of the gate, appeared the reddish moon
750. just above the door it was as a guardian
751. and a ray glanced over the place around the gate
752. and a strange writing appeared on the top of the gate
753. shining in an arc just like a gold made of blue
754. then the gate started to open slowly with a loud noise
755. just like thousands of years passed with no one opening
756. and the breeze of air was growing slowly to a wind
757. while Alexander tried to stand still on his place
758. and the gate opened and showed what was lying behind
759. it was a vast land with mountains and hills
760. all showing behind this small gate
761. it was wonder of the wonders for Alexander
762. how come such world be hanging in the air
763. showing from just a small gate like this
764. and while Alexander stood amazed for the event
765. the walls of the groove started to shake
766. the walls were moving together to close
767. thus, Alexander had no choice but to jump inside
768. and the gate of the new world closed firmly then

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