Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alexander 6, V33.

Well well, the first day of my leave and it was a hard-working day. I went on shopping to get presents for my nieces, and got me a new sandal instead of the piece of leather I used to wear. I tihnk it was a sandal 10 years ago or something (literally). I took some time also going around to some yachts marinas to ask about probably tours to Miskan island, but I couldn't find anything. I have to see for myself in another time. They say you can go to Failaka island first and then from there, you can sail to Miskan. I have to ask further. I don't want to shoot into the dark.

Before all of that of course I went to have a breakfast in Burger King, and I wonder now if they do have a restaurant by this time. All the breakfast meals were removed and replaced by one and only one meal; egg and cheese. Sorry, but I think I can do this at home can't I? So I went on with my own way like that with no breakfast, till I got me some french bread and turkey breast with some energy drink, which later on, I needed it heavily. But after leaving BK, I've noticed how the wind was hard and the sun was tearing the way amid the clouds. There were those things as well. I don't know what's their purpose, but well, I think they are supposed to give some shade for the beach dwellers. I decided (and luckily the camera was with me) to work on a scene a bit if I can. It had been some time since I worked on a scene. Most of the time, I was going on and on with panorama stuff. I shot trying to include the sun as well, I tried the fisheye lens in a single shot as well just for fun. Finally, since the panorama trials are in my blood, I went on doing a fast rhythm photography with my fisheye lens. It was just plane rectangular panorama, no up and down and no angles or anything.

After arriving home I worked on pumping something I got for my niece. I think called "baby gym" to keep her in. All parts needed pumping and so, I did the manual pumping all the way. I feel the muscles reaching my tongue now. Then, to the images. Of course, I couldn't let go of catching some HDR sequences here, specially that the sun is in the scene and it might be a good idea to control the light later on. I'm intending to upload some of these images on Canstockphoto, but not yet. There is a lot of work in cloning involved. The cloning part is so hard because of the trash thrown on the sand every where on the beach. Yes, we have clean people.

Primary Version

The image above was done in a haste for putting up in this blog. More to come but I'm not sure I'm going to upload here as well.
Now back to my QTVR games. Just before I go to bed yesterday (which was earlier really and sounded like a regular day!), but I had a thought of playing around with that Aughnanure Castle panorama. The Autodesk stitcher hanged on while loading the large panorama, but went OK doing the small one. However, I worked on doing both later on with PTGui and I've just found out that option to make the panorama cylindrical and not completely spherical. All what you have to do is fix the "tilt" angle. This will maybe require more than one trial, and it all depends on the height of the panorama in hands. As for Aughnanure Castle panorama, it was enough to have -21 to 21 degrees of tilt to view the vertical distance completely.

As for now I have to think of regulating and fixing my time somehow to work on Alexander's story transliteration. I don't sit idle regarding this specifically for one week until Sunday 18th.
I leave you now for verse 33 from Alexander VI. I really need to nap a bit.shoppinh
769. after the gate was sealed behind Alexander on the other side
770. nothing appeared to Alexander behind him except of lands
771. like nothing was behind him or above him
772. like it was not night time just a while ago
773. Alexander stood up and gazed around him
774. but nothing he saw but mountains and hills and some green lands
775. while some rivers flew to the right and left
776. he kept on walking for no obvious destination
777. and he gazed into the sky above him for many times
778. but he did not find a sun, although it was a day
779. and he felt the gentle heat of the air breeze without a sun
780. then he saw some plants on the ground and he felt hungry
781. but he was afraid that such food is not suitable to eat
782. but then he saw a strange bird falls down from heaven
783. it was a bird he never saw like it on Earth
784. thus this bird came down and picked the fruit of the plant
785. and stayed away to eat them peacefully
786. thus Alexander knew that such plant is not poisonous
787. and he began to eat from it like he never had food before
788. and the taste of the fruit was never something he felt before
789. but suddenly he saw a large shade covering the ground
790. and he wondered how come there is no sun but a shade is here?
791. and he gazed to his back and saw a huge creature
792. something was staring at him with furious eyes

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