Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alexander 6, V34.

One more day in my vacation! Well, a one-week vacation and I'm exhausting myself working out around the house doing stuff, and probably right after this I would be going to fix the plants in my room. It was an exhaustive day yesterday when I worked on cleaning my room (yeah, right... cleaning?). However, I spent the morning roaming around in the traffic rush with people going to their work places or some others been there just for some breakfast... It was a cool feeling really. You see everyone busy in the rush and trying to speed up and come over other drivers so much that you'd think it is some arcade game, while you calmly drive because simply, nothing matters to you for now. Well, except of the fact I've been back to my bed for sleeping instead of my lazyboy, and that made my back sore for real.
After grabbing something for breakfast I drove to some company headquarter named Silsan (weird name really even for an Arabic speaker I tell you...).I was greatly disappointed actually when the guy told me that they don't go to Miskan island, because it is prohibited for the time being. Why? I don't know really. I asked him if it is turned now to some military post or something like that, but he didn't give a clear answer. Well, one wish now flew into thin air I guess. I might take this little vacation of mine to go on to Failaka island again, with my car of course and spend something around 37KD just for few hours there.

Anyway, been working on some images taken last Thursday, and the panorama I did take that day turned out to be, not that good, but I might work on it somehow to make something good out of it. Meanwhile, I've worked on 2 images, and got 3 versions out of one of them... well, just for fun actually:

Done by Photomatix without any editing. As you can see the hose is still there.

More colored version after editing in Photoshop. Not many people liked this version though!

Cloning in HDR stage and blending a cold hue then tone-mapping by Photomatix.
Trying to make a mysterious blend here with something of "aliens" or "visitors" effect.

And something totally different. Trying to make a night view from the morning by adding a cool hue.
Tried to fix the distortion here but I couldn't, so I left it out like that.

Maybe these two images were the best I did take from the seaside back in Thursday. Now I have to think of organizing my time a bit and work on my friend's report and on my transliteration. I will try this time to double work on the transliteration process and work out more than 2 verses a day. Would that work with my mood? I can't tell till I try...

One song I really liked for some long time ago (I think back in 2003), and still trying to get the lyrics for this song. It's in Breton and sang by Denez Prigent in a rap style, but the song itself is a folk song and as I read some where, it is sang by group of farmers when they work in the fields. The song itself dates back to the time before the introduction of christianity into France. The song's title is "Ar Rannoú" which means The Series (of numbers). In general, the idea of the song is a druid talking to a child (probably his own?) and the conversation is turned into a song about numbers and their significance in the Breton culture. Interesting really, but unfortunately I couldn't get a translation at all, either in French or English. I couldn't get the lyrics in Breton even! Just thought of sharing it with you here, and hope you like it...

793. the thing was flaming with fire and ugly
794. its face could not be known from his back
795. and with thunder-like voice he shouted at Alexander
796. "who gave you a permission to eat my plants O low one?"
797. but Alexander was taken by the surprise and terror
798. and he started to stutter trying to answer the stranger
799. but with some trials he was able to speak to the stranger
800. "I am sorry, but I am a stranger from these lands" he said
801. and then a weird sound was out from the creature
802. like if he was wondering about what Alexander said
803. thus the thing said: a stranger in Uhir Daynur?
804. I never knew someone would get in or out of this,
805. unless by a grave into the ground in Uhir Daynur
806. then Alexander tried to identify himself to the stranger
807. thus he said: I am Alexander, the son of Pilippánút,
808. I am the king of Caqobia and Geltan,
809. and the king of Zimúrá and Bulughman
810. but the stranger was humming in a weird way
811. and this he said to Alexander: what are you talking about?
812. who is king and who are those people?
813. are you trying to deceive me O low one?
814. and Alexander went silent and did not know what to say
815. but then he thought of something and said to the stranger
816. "is there a chance to tell you my story so you will pardon me?"

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