Monday, April 12, 2010

Alexander 6, V35.

Another tiresome day in my "vacation" here. Well, I took it in the first place to do these things I believe. Worked on the plants little bit but still leaking a bit. I wonder now if I really should just take them off.
As my first time, I tried something new to me yesterday when I tried to take a vertical image for a corridor in my house. Typically this should be done with the tripod going from 0 degrees (horizon) to 180 degrees (horizon on the back), but my tripod was not that flexible and hence I had to do it on two parts and then fuss around with the images. I made it on 2 sequences with 90 degrees for each over 5 angles stops. I'm still not satisfied with my results when stitching but well, things are getting a bit better, I hope. So many broken lines. Beside that, I made two versions already by exchanging the places of the sequences relatively. I wonder if that was to be possible with a one long shot vertically from 0 to 180 degrees? The hard part of them now is fixing the errors and eventually tone-map them. Photomatix started to give me some errors because of memory shortage... typical. I found out myself naming the sequences A and B, and eventually I named the pictures ABBA and BAAB. Maybe you know ABBA already, but BAAB, well, I don't know if there is a band by this name. However, "BAB" means "door" in Arabic.

ABBA             BAAB

Of course the broken lines aren't fixed yet or anything. This work might be done after I take my nap.
Thinking of doing my transliteration work for Alexander's story on my bed was a sort of a bad idea since I tended to nap more than work actually. I have to keep in my mind to work sitting down! I've been advancing beyond line #2000, and the finish line is close, but when, I don't know. Then, what then?
817. the strange thing sat down on a rock and gazed upon Alexander
818. and this he said: I think I have the time to have some entertainment,
819. so what is your story O stranger, and make it fast
820. thus Alexander started to tell the whole story
821. since the day he left Caqobia until he came down to this
822. but the strange thing looked bored and did not like Alexander
823. thus Alexander thought of something else to say
824. so he said: if it was for your plants, maybe I can do something?
825. and the stranger replied: something like what?
826. and Alexander said: anything to do to pay you back
827. thus the strange thing thought for a moment
828. and then this he said to Alexander
829. "if you can collect the seeds of this plant,
830. and spread it to the side of the river Táhus,
831. and then call upon the Shanúgá to eat the new seeds,
832. until then I might forgive you eating my plants"
833. and Alexander stood amazed for this talk
834. for he did not know a thing about all of this
835. thus he said to the stranger: O friend, what is all of this?
836. verily I did not know a thing of what you have mentioned
837. but the stranger got furious and raised from the rock
838. and he grabbed Alexander from his neck
839. and Alexander was hardly breathing
840. and the stranger left him off the ground with one hand

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