Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alexander 6, V36.

The beginning of relatively a nice day. Nice in my terms that is. It was raining in the morning with thunders. The weather is not cold anyway and more like a tropical one. I feel idle today despite my plans for working with my plants again (trying to glue the holes below to stop leaking). I feel like I do need another week of vacation.

Not much photography for today unfortunately, though I made one experiment yesterday to see for myself if I can, virtually, turn the light on and off. I took 3 shots of one light bulb (within a crystal ball) when the light was on and then again 3 shots when the light was off. I'm still working on some experiments on these 2 sequences and checking for myself what can I do with them. I might consider uploading some of the tone-mapped versions because the crystal ball looks awesome when tone-mapped with some cool hue added to the hot light color. Nothing done yet and I didn't upload anything.
In the meantine, I'm looking for more information about the "camera response curve" and how to make it for use in HDR applications. So far so good. They say as long you are shooting in RAW format then you wouldn't need this curve, and on the other hand, Photoshop (and Photomatix as well I believe) do create such response curve automatically when you work on HDR brackets. The idea of the response curve is to map out how the sensor of your camera deal with light and how does it respond to luminosity in return. It helps with HDR make-up. I'm not sure yet but it seems to be more dedicated process toward the lesser formats of 8-bit resolution.
Meanwhile, I sent an email to the creators of Photomatix, suggesting to them to build a sort of a web browser plug-in to view HDR images in the web browser. I'm not sure if such plug-in does exist already but my search online was in vain. Could not find anything. The idea for the time being is to, at least, display an image with a slider in the control bar (just like how the QTVR window is in previous posts here) where this slider changes the exposure value to the positive or the negative. I hope it is considered seriously, in case we don't have such thing available on the web yet.

I shall leave you now with Alexander 6, verse 36, while I go and watch some funny clips and think about my coming work. I might be leaving to Failaka island tomorrow, I'm not sure yet. It all depends on the weather conditions. Hence, I might not be able to do anything with the blog by tomorrow. The jouney in that ferry is tiresome really... and costs some money too!

841. Alexander did not imagine such power exists
842. and said to the stranger with a weak voice
843. "what is the matter? did I say something bad?"
844. and the stranger answered: you said many bad things now,
845. by what permission you called me a friend?
846. and how you do not know what I am talking about?
847. thus Alexander replied with a weak voice
848. "I said friend because I do not know your name,
849. and there is no trick in my story if you believe"
850. thus the stranger calmed down and put Alexander down
851. and this he said to Alexander: you said you are a king,
852. thus I shall give you a chance to prove it to me,
853. I never heard of kings in Uhir Daynur,
854. but to be fair I shall ask you for your proof
855. and Alexander looked around him and thought
856. he lost his crown in his journeys on the lands
857. thus he thought of the Charnagút as a proof
858. although he did not know if this will work
859. thus he showed the Charnagút to the stranger
860. and the stranger shouted with amazement
861. "Charnagút! Charnagút! stay away!"
862. but Alexander did not understand yet what is wrong
863. and he said: clam down O friend, I will not hurt you at all
864. and the breath of the stranger slowed down gradually

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