Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alexander 6, V39.

It's a nice thing when you plan to get back to work after some vacation, and you start out the day with an accident in the very early morning.
I don't want to start complaining about my luck, anyway I don't think I will be able to post some of the images I did for today, thus I will post this now, in the early hours of the morning. Well, I might add a picture of my damaged car. The real pain now is the paper work and going here and there. This is the real pain of accidents, not the accident itself. I have to finish everything or most of the things today, so I can go to work tomorrow at least. I'm already signing for a casual leave for today.
913. then Alexander gazed with a strange look
914. and this he asked: a Shágí? what is that?
915. then Birbuár replied: it is a tortured soul,
916. not to rest for eternity or to die peacefully,
917. it is something between living and dying
918. it is a pain in every moment that passes
919. thus Alexander said and wondered
920. "you mean to say you are not a living?"
921. and Birbuár replied: not at all, and not dead as well,
922. I left my skin and flesh long time ago,
923. and here  I am wandering in these lands,
924. because after I killed the poor man,
925. my house collapsed over my head,
926. and the people of my village did not bury me,
927. and I cannot touch it or bury it,
928. oh I just cannot imagine the pains if I tried that,
929. but it is indeed what I deserve for hurting others,
930. and this is what I deserve for my wickedness
931. after this talk from Birbuár, Alexander thought for a moment
932. and then he said to Birbuár: if I helped you to bury yourself,
933. would that help you to rest in peace forever?
934. and Birbuár made a big smile on his face
935. and this he said: and I shall be your slave
936. but Alexander laughed and said: a dead slave?

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