Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alexander 6, V38.

Another busy day and here I am posting this in the evening instead of the midday as usual! Well, I think I've solved my plants problems completely now by stuffing the holes with wood glue. So far so good. I'm waiting for the glue to dry out compeltely and then I'm going to water them and see!

Spent the other portion of the day working on some of the images I got from Failaka so far. Planning to send them over to stock sites, but frankly speaking, I'm not so optimistic they will get accepted anyway, since some of them are blurry and I had to spend some hard time with sharpening them.

On the queue still some of the other panoramas that would need some work. A fast inspection revelaed that some control points problem (the usual) are there. Anyway, here you go with some of the images taken yesterday. All tone-mapped with Photomatix and some of them (well only one) were fixed with PTLens to remove the fisheye distortion from them. I wonder how much is it to get a fullframe camera?

The image befor the last is actually taken again. It is the path leading into and out of the old chalette complex in Failaka. Imagine now if I was to take a picture of that if this island was inhabited like before? Phew!
This time, however, the image is taken for HDR panorama (mainly 4 shots with my fisheye lens). The projection here is called "vedutismo". A quick glance at the help file in PTGui, it says that such projection type is mainly to be used with panoramas that got straight lines (I think vertical lines mainly), and hence I used it here and helped a bit on stretching the clouds making some moving effect (up right) and stretching the panorama a little bit in the middle point making a narrow horizon point. Mercator projection also had almost the same look, but the trees were so much tilted.

The old picture. Made into HDR in a dusty weather, and with manual tone-mapping back then.

I shall leave you now to get some work done before I go out having some chinese food! Yummy Yummy!
889. Alexander looked down with a sad face
890. because the memories of his father raced in his mind
891. then he raised his head and asked Birbuár
892. "so Birbuár, I told you my story, it is your turn"
893. and Birbuár started his talk with a long sigh
894. "O king, my story is a long one with pains and agony"
895. then Alexander said: and I am here to listen,
896. for I am lost in this land and know nothing
897. thus Birbuár started to tell his story
898. "O good king, I was once a human like any other,
899. oh how wicked I was and how devilish I was,
900. no parents did I respect not a relative as well,
901. no one would feel calm in my presence,
902. I was the mighty one in all of my village,
903. until one time a wise man said to me,
904. do not walk with pride on the lands,
905. verily this body will vanish to the grave,
906. and your name shall be accompanied with shame,
907. and amid my arrogance I taught him a hard lesson,
908. until the poor man died between my hands,
909. thus when he was dead I still could hear his voice,
910. it was ringing in my ears like he did not die,
911. and this he said to me and made me quiver,
912. a Shágí you will become and forever"

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