Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alexander 6, V41.

Welcome to Kuwait, where everys possible and impossible in the same time! I just discovered a new equation that I might go over and study it for my M.Sc. thesis. "Student Allowance" means, also, "Employee Reward". Yes. After having some amount of money in my bank account days before the actual date for my salary, I went on trying to investigate about the source of such money. If the money is not reported and, well, not rightfully awarded in the first place, some legal consequences might follow as why I did not report it. Hence, I had to go over and investigate the source. I spent most of my day yesteday (after fixing some stuff in the car) calling the beloved admins, but none answered except of one who advised me to go and ask someone else. Thus, today, I decided to go myself to their offices and ask and found out that this money is actually the employees' annual reward but the bank enlists the amount under the name "Student Allowance". Perfect.
Away from the fuss of the admins and back to my world where everything is not as pretty as it appears! I spent most of my day yesterday struggling with my RAMs limitations and eventually I had to compromise more so I minimized the panorama I talked about yesterday more than before. I was ablem finally, to tone-map it but eventually, more problems occured as well.
The black area in the bottom is supposed to be filled with sand (since I didn't take a good nadir point). But then I changed my mind for filling it up with a texture that might not look the same as the original, and thus I decided to make a water reflection effect. There are many tutorials on doing this effect but maybe the most realistic one I could get was this beautiful one here. As a consequence of the previous tutorial, I've discovered as well that some effects in Photoshop do not work even in 8-bit, if the ratios of the image are not adequate enough to do so. I had a problem with the displacement filter because it goes disabled whenever I stretched the 2 sides of the reflection layer to 400%. So I lowered this down to 200%. Everything went fine but then again I had the RAMs problem again and again but I managed to lower down the values till I got it right. Although I didn't like the strength of the effect (I would liked it to be more than this) but well, I have no choice here at all. Anyway, I made my QTVR later on with PTGui, and made 2 versions; small and big. And here you go:

I called it "A Walk on The Moon"

It looks though like you are standing in a wet spot or a lake while taking this photo! The difference here is that, it is completely 360 panorama where you can look at any direction. The horizon is fixed properly and not like my first trial with a cylindrical form of QTVR, when it was bulged up making the viewer like peeking from a fisheye lens! I think I can see now that the proper ratio for a good spherical panorama would be 2:1 (WxH), or in other words, the width must be twice the height. This consideration might enable me to make some tricks on less fortunate panoramas and try to make them, somehow, spherical ones. Like my house cylindrical panorama before!

This panorama though, might suffer from the lack of zenith more than a nadir. I remember I've took a shot for the zenith, but I did not align it because I couldn't realize how to do it back then, and hence, the regular cylindrical panorama was enough for me! Some plans are still in my head concerning the Gamma Lab here that I might consider re-shooting it, but this time, the shoot must be in HDR and I shall try to make it into QTVR. Somehow, this is a plan for the future and not now. I have stuff to do other than this currently.

Gamma Lab, CRER

As for now, I need to work more on my transliteration and book reading that I left for long time now! But finally I retained some thoughts and wrote something yesterday and published it on already. I called it, Father.

961. Alexander held the hand of Birbuár firmly
962. and asked him to come in with him
963. but Birbuár refused to go in and stepped back
964. and this he said: they did not like me when I was alive,
965. and now who is going to respect me when I am a Shágí?
966. I will cause you more troubles if I went with you
967. but Alexander replied: I will not go inside,
968. and I will never help you with your body,
969. until you come with me into your own village
970. and tell me by the way, what is your village's name?
971. and Birbuár replied: its name is Táhús,
972. and there to the north of it lies the Táhús river,
973. it is the river I wanted you to do things with it before,
974. but if it is a must to go with you as you requested,
975. then I ask from you to protect me from the people
976. and Alexander asked: and where does your body lie?
977. is it still under the ruins of your house?
978. then Birbuár made a long sigh and said: yes
979. then the two of them took careful steps
980. and both of them got inside the village from the gate
981. they looked left and right but people were busy
982. some of them in the markets and some were craftsmen
983. they walked beside the walls of the buildings
984. when suddenly a small stone struck the head of Alexander

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