Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alexander 6, V42.

Salary is here and my hand is itchy! I'm biting my fingers trying to save some now! With the volcano in Iceland and its effects on Europe, my thoughts are shaken further for the possibility of going to Ireland this year. Well, I still have some images to work on I guess!
Mentioning the images here, I just remembered that I had in my stock some images that I didn't process from Failaka. I thought I finished them all but I didn't. Some of them, well, not so good to my eyes but uploaded for fun in my Photobucket, and maybe one only will be uploaded to the stock to see if it is accepted, and ironically, it is the one that I had problems with the most. It is a small panorama for a hall or a guest room situated outside of the old abandoned house that I snapped its façade before:

The Old House...

The Guest Room

Such rooms or halls are usually kept separated from the main house and typically used for men gathering, or as Kuwaitis call it, Diwaniyah. I liked the ornaments and decorations in the ceiling and when I stiched this the first time I liked it because of stretching angle into the horizon making a sense of a wide room somehow. But I discovered many problems in stitching and mainly because the repetitive patterns, as I believe. Tried to minimize it to the best again and stitched but there were still errors that I had to fix in Photoshop later. Might not be obvious on a small scale but definetely would be in the original, which I'm planning to upload for the stock. The projection here is Rectangular, but it wouldn't make much difference if we used Vedutismo or Mercator as well. Other projections would give so much bulging effect making the room like a bubble and losing the parallel lines and the stretching tiles in the ceiling. The door at the end is for a small bathroom, while the whole next to it is used for the old-fashioned air-conditioners (with their noisy motor!). I liked those old stuff so much. The golden hue here is added, and say thanks to the HDR technique where I was able to manipulate light and colors as much as possible without much fuss or banding. There was though, as it seems, one problem done during the snapping process; my camera was probably tilted and not completely vertical, and hence I couldn't align the center point in equi-distances from left- and righ-sides in such a way that a straight line would pass through the tiles in the middle to the corner of the room. Moreover, I wish if I had a ladder or something to elevate my camera level more and approach the ceiling a bit closer than this. I think it would be a nice effect and gives more stretch to the tiles of the ceiling, and hence more illusion of space!

Along with this image, which unfortunately forgot to send it to friends in my previous email along with a collection of images, comes:

Red Fields


The second image seems to be the ruins of the TV broadcast station. I know there used to be one on Failaka island. I might consider putting this to the stock as well, although, I'm not so optimistic about it for the blur involved. I think it is more caused by the noise reduction software.

Meanwhile, I took the chance to turn the old garden panorama from a cylindrical panorama to a complete spherical panorama, but unfotunately that didn't work. Apparently, more pictures were needed to cover up some holes around the zenith, because the image taken for the zenith did not cover all the proposed area. But that does not mean giving up hope completely, I would still be able, somehow, to encode into a spherical panorama by using the ratio 2:1, and by doing some tricks, dspite my belief that it won't as good as a unique full one. I already had hard time trying to stitch it again yesterday!

Trying to push myself as much as I can to work my brain again with poetry, here comes a second one I made after long period of silence, and I called it, Let Be. It is a little dedication to someone. I'm trying to follow some of the known rhythm patterns here instead of my old way of writing anonymously with different rhymes and patterns, and I try even to equalize the number of syllables in each line. That is such a hard job indeed and I do work with 2 or 3 dictionaries sometimes to find thesaurus and appropriate words and rhyming. The last one mentioned here follows the Alfred Dorn Sonnet rhyme. Although I don't know much of the history of such pattern or when or how to use it, but it all comes in one easy freeware that helped me a lot before: Verse Perfect. It has many useful things for a poet or a song writer. Rhyming patterns, suggestions for rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, syllables count, and many other things that I've never used, yet! Please say thanks to Bryant McGill for such a beautiful software, freeware! Please make sure no youngsters beside you when you view his page :)

Reviewing now my conlang Ayvarith, and probably there were some evolutions going behind my back! There are some short vowels placement in verbs that did change by time and how I say them. This gives me an idea if what is happening now is a minimized version of the real language evolution. They say in Europe specifically, Danish and Norwegian are the most evolutionary and mostly changing languages. It feels awkward now as I intend to re-build my homepage, and such changes might require either more revisions, or re-building the already existing HTML pages, at least the grammar page (which is not an easy one to do really). Trespassing the limits of 2100 lines now in Alexander's story so, the build of the new homepage is coming closer.
985. Alexander looked to his left and saw a child
986. the child stepped back then he started to shout
987. "Shágí! Shágí! Help!"
988. it was but merely few moments when all people gathered
989. some with daggers and some with sticks
990. and some of them carried stones and came up
991. and all of them surrounded poor Alexander and his friend
992. then Birbuár whispered to Alexander: oh! I told you!
993. let us get out of here now! no need for pains!
994. but Alexander sulked and his eyes went fierce
995. and he faced the people and shouted at them
996. "O people of Táhús, is this how you host a stranger?"
997. then a man showed from the crowds and was holding a hammer
998. "a stranger with a Shágí? and what Shágí? Birbuár!"
999. thus Alexander whispered to Birbuár and said
1000. "verily he knows you, do you know him as well?"
1001. and Birbuár whispered with his head down to the ground
1002. "yes, this is a smith of our village, Shdáyur,
1003. I tried to trick his daughter and cursed his mother before"
1004. and Alexander raised his eyebrows and said with a surprise
1005. "you were indeed a cursed man then my friend!,
1006. no wonder they want you out of this village then!"
1007. and people started to get closer to Alexander and his friend
1008. and the circle was getting smaller and smaller

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