Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alexander 6, V43.

A disastrous day. My PC went down and I can't turn it on again. I think it is mainly a corruption in the registry of the OS. Writing this from my laptop which I rarely turn on at home. I have to look after a good computer workshop, instead of the stupid one I used to go to...
I will try to consider this stop as a little vacation for myself... away from facing the monitor most of the time. Well, still I do have the laptop, but I wouldn't be able to do much with the laptop. It's not made for heavy tasks. As for now, my backup plans would be to get a new motherboard and install Windows 7 with maximum RAMs and a good graphics card suitable for working with Photoshop (and not gaming), while keeping my old hard disk with all its data as an external hard disk. I can put it in an external case. I'm sure it's going to be costly but well, my salary and a bonus were just put into my account this week. Easy comes, easy goes. As for now, I think I can't do much imaging, but only to be calm and post verses from Alexander's story... and writing poetry if I can have the inspiration!

1009. then Birbuár urged Alexander to show his Charnagút
1010. but Alexander refused and said: something in me says no
1011. thus while the crowds were getting closer to them
1012. Alexander looked up into the sky and thought
1013. then suddenly he shouted with all his power
1014. "Oh! What is this!"
1015. while the people looked up to the sky above
1016. Alexander held the hand of Birbuár and ran
1017. they crossed the crowds in a hard way
1018. and everyone started to run after them
1019. while Birbuár guided Alexander through the roads
1020. the roads of the village was winding left and right
1021. and some of them were hanging in the air
1022. while Alexander ran and looked around him amazed
1023. and inside an old house with no door they got in
1024. waiting for the crowds of people to pass by and go away
1025. then Alexander faced Birbuár and said to him with anger
1026. "you are verily a wicked man Birbuár,
1027. how much wickedness you have done to others?
1028. and you wanted me to show my Charnagút there?
1029. in the face of innocent children?"
1030. and Birbuár stuttered in his speech and said
1031. "O good king, I was indeed a wicked man,
1032. but help me to end this suffering and I shall help you!"

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