Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alexander 6, V44.

Another busy day to be. God, is this month is ever going to finish? Long weeks and many stuff been going here and there that just made my mind scattered.
In the coming posts, I think most of them will be blank without any images. Most of my photography plans are postponed as well because of my PC problem. Now, I'm here in this office working with two laptops; one I'm typing this from (mine), and the other is a work laptop that my boss asked me to check it for viruses. In a little while I'm going to get out of this place and go back home to pick my PC then head to the dirty roads and streets of Hawally, where the word "traffic" lost its meaning. It's the only place on Earth where the road moves and the cars are stand still!
The boredom that stroke me yesterday made me start out some game and do some fun tests on Facebook. I had an account there that I didn't care much for it before, but I guess with this clogged mind, I need to have to entertainment now and then. I've started an aquarium in a game called Happy Aquarium. Well, I always wished to have one for real but I think I can hardly take care of it daily with such a messy life, so here you go. Something to fullfil my desires, even though virtually.
Still trying to push myself further for more writing...

1033. then Alexander thought for a moment
1034. then this he said to Birbuár: and how can you help me?
1035. after I find your body and bury you your soul will not be here,
1036. and to the kingdom of Heavens you shall go
1037. and Birbuár answered: yes, indeed, but I still have things to tell you,
1038. things you might need to know before I leave this life here,
1039. my father Árúc was verily a wise man and one with knowledge,
1040. and he taught things before his death, but I was never good
1041. then Alexander said with a frowned face
1042. "this better be true, or else you shall never rest!"
1043. thus the two of them stayed in the old house
1044. until the night spread over the sky
1045. but there was no sun or one moon
1046. but several moons revolving in the heavens
1047. thus the light was enough to see the way
1048. and Alexander took the hand of Birbuár and went out
1049. then Birbuár walked slowly in the calm streets
1050. while dragging Alexander behind him by the hand
1051. until they reached a pile of stones on the ground
1052. and Birbuár stopped there and made a sigh
1053. and Birbuár said to himself: yes, I deserve it,
1054. we reached the place O good king,
1055. here lies my house, and my body just below that
1056. while a sudden move in the stones appeared

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