Monday, April 26, 2010

Alexander 6, V45.

Well. Monday is here and I'm waiting for troubles as usual.
Picked up my PC to the workshop yesterday and not everything I wished for was present. The technician told me that programs that are designed for Windows XP 32-bit do not work in Windows 7 64-bit, while some people say the opposite (and some of them even tried it). To me, I'm really not in the mood for more risk about this, so I decided to leave it alone and just told the man to install the usual XP for me.
Meanwhile, I will continue to use this laptop for most of my surfing around the net in the mean time, while I fix and install and upgrade my system when I get to get my PC back home. The worst thing to do ever with a new (or formatted) PC, is to build it again like you used to have it. I hate this process so much.
I'm trying to have my fun with some games on the laptop, and been completely idle. Not exactly, but with some translation work for Alexander's story when I'm in the office. I've uploaded the text of Alexander's story (English version) into, but it is not exposed yet to the public. I think I need to work more a bit on them until I can release it completely. But I can't say what I want to do with them since, fixing the grammar or the spelling is somehow impossible for me now to do!

The connection had been so !@#$%^%^%$^&%^%^. I can't watch a single clip on Youtube or any where. As they say, when troubles come, they come together, and I believe now that this is true indeed!

1057. Alexander kept an eye on the moving stones
1058. and looked back at Birbuár and said: what is this?
1059. Birbuár then said with a low voice: I hope this is not what I think
1060. Alexander wondered for a moment and then he stepped forward
1061. and there out of a dark corner jumped a huge thing
1062. some creature with fangs and claws
1063. while the eyes lustered with green and red
1064. then Birbuár shouted: Khákalut! Khákalut!
1065. run! run O good king!
1066. but Alexander stood firmly and showed his Charnagút
1067. while the creatures gathered around him
1068. and they numbered between four and five
1069. while Birbuár took refuge behind Alexander
1070. and this he said to Alexander: we should run king,
1071. those things were eating my flesh and bones,
1072. O Birbuár what did you come to, O sinner!
1073. but Alexander said: calm down! what are these?
1074. and Birbuár replied: these are the Khákalut,
1075. they are the dogs of the Khaznútím,
1076. he who keeps the Hell and calls the sinners,
1077. he sends his dogs by night to eat the flesh
1078. to torture more and more those who sinned,
1079. and tonight it is my turn to suffer,
1080. Oh how awful is the feeling of pain!

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