Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alexander 6, V46.

" Honey, I'm home!"
This is what my PC was saying to me yesterday. I got it back after upgrading my graphics card and formatting the main partition of the harddisk. I decided not to change anything with the theme, language settings, ..etc until I finish everything related to the windows update. Since the connections here in Kuwait suck big time for the third day by now, this is a process that will take a long time, and through that I will keep using my laptop at work and at home as well. I've lost some data that I cannot get back again, this is for sure. Gracefully, most of my RAW images are stored in an external harddisk. The problem now is, there is no escape from installing things back again. Even though I still have most of the softwares or games stored in another partition of the harddisk and not gone with the format (like Photoshop), yet, I have to install it again because it doesn't run without some certain adjustments to the system. This is going to be a LONG process.

Along with my PC, I bought myself a little tripod that is originally for use with webcams I believe. A little metallic one. It doesn't have much of a precise control but I'm thinking of using it with my camera later on, and hoping the screw would fit properly into my camera's body. This will help me out in capturing low level photos and also in case of panoramas and capturing the zenith with my fisheye. I'm thinking though if I can do something to catch a proper nadir with it, somehow. It is, though, hard to deal with the head since it has no scales and the knobs of controlling it are awkward somehow, but I'm hoping that it will bear the heavy weight of the camera itself and the lens! Unfortunately, I don't think I will proceed again with my camera work until I get my PC back to what it was before and install most of the softwares I've lost, specially the Canon softwares and drivers.

Meanwhile, since I'm a bit of an idle camera-wise, I've decided to work a bit further with my Alexander. Recently, I've uploaded the whole 6 chapters into Writing.com (I think I've posted that before) and I'm working on making more people read it. It has many spelling mistakes, typos and change of names (unintentionally)..etc, I'm sure. But I can't wait until I finish from my transliteration to do this. The PC's down time could be somehow a relief for me for some time for now to do other work. Not only work related to my writings, but also related to my car!

ğazúz. kil e-unasąím yún daądaąt calamim mabąúlún... xalá wáħád, vi-qaąuc mí him calam lú birún vi-birát. liMaz má aqvar ayħav? liMaz ayná matąúf? qumrát be-harrá, xalá juwwabún, li-zmén ga-yixwan ŧarká...
1081. but Alexander raised the sword of Charnagút
1082. while Birbuár shouted: no! no good King!
1083. he will get mad at you, nothing escapes his wrath!
1084. then a strange flame appeared from no where
1085. in the middle of the field between the creatures
1086. the heat filled the place severely
1087. and the sweat of Alexander dripped like water
1088. then a voice came out of the flames
1089. "Alexander! you finally arrived!"
1090. thus Alexander replied: who is that?
1091. and the voice said from the flame as it was
1092. "I am the Khaznútím, the keepers of Hells, O Alexander"
1093. at that time, the knees of Birbuár started to shake severely
1094. and Alexander replied to the voice firmly
1095. "I never heard of your name O Khaznútím,
1096. who and what are you?"
1097. thus Khaznútím replied back with a laughter
1098. "yes verily you do not know anyone here,
1099. your name is written in the records of Heavens,
1100. the hero who comes from Caqobia and raise to Heaven,
1101. the king of the later times of Daynur,
1102. who rules over the Daynur and its tribes,
1103. who owns the Charnagút and the iron heart,
1104. the man of the bravery and faith"

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