Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alexander 6, V47.

Please God, let this month be finished. Amen.
Still coping with many aspects in my life, starting with the car maintenance and ending with building my PC back again. I've brought up the PC back home but yet, so much to install, and for this reason I will keep on logging to the net and surf from the laptop until I see that everything is somehow back again to normal in my PC. Photoshop is still not installed nor Canon drivers. I spent most of the day yesterday going over the critical updates and fixing the browser and the essential plugins like QuickTime. I do miss working with my camera indeed, and that reminds me that I have to clean it soon. It's a regular check.
Car-wise, the car had been a subject of overheating yesterday and the problem was solved (temporarily) just by adding more water. Yet, I do think there is something wrong with the hoses or the radiator itself. I've been driving and keeping an eye on the scale and until now, everything seems O.K. although, at moments, the needle goes little bit above the half. That makes me suspecious a bit whether this is useful or not, and I might have to go on another visit to the garages. On the other hand, I've changed the wipers myself and, after doing them, I would suggest to everyone to just do it in a garage! My movements were those of a jerk today (and still). I can't walk straight or do anything right. I wonder why despite the fact I'm having a HAPPY life indeed! (... and please note the sarcasm).

Well, trying to push myself back to writing again, as I said before, and this time with a poem I made yesterday. I called Stranger Boy. As to why I called it this, or what is it about exactly, that's something I do like to consider as a secret. As for Alexander's story, there are no hits at the moment and no reviews. As for now, it is time to get to work with my transliteration...
1105. thus Alexander kept silent for a moment
1106. and then he said to Khaznútím: what I am doing here?
1107. and Khaznútím replied: no orders arrived to me from Above,
1108. to tell you where to go and where to settle,
1109. and no knowledge lies in me, to tell the future,
1110. but I do wonder, how come a man like you in faith,
1111. accompanies a sinner like this wicked Shágí?
1112. thus Alexander answered: but this Shágí,
1113. he is regretting his deeds and sins,
1114. is it just and fair to keep him in custody and pain?
1115. and for eternal unrest to be with no solution to his case?
1116. I am verily sure in Heavens there is a way for everyone,
1117. to be forgiven in his life or after his death
1118. the Khaznútím then became silent for a moment
1119. and then this he said: your talk is of a noble man,
1120. yes, indeed what you are saying is true,
1121. and for you, and only for you,
1122. I shall spare this mortal from my servants,
1123. if he can prove that he is good after his death
1124. and then Alexander wondered about the last sentence
1125. and this he did ask the Khaznútím: and how this is to be done?
1126. and the Khaznútím answered: his body should be buried first,
1127. and I shall tell him my tasks later on,
1128. but, no help from you O Alexander, or else!

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