Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alexander 6, V48.

Thank God It's Thursday.
Thank God It's April's End. Well, almost.

I'm almost there with my PC. Installed some of the most essential parts of it and some stuff remain that I might see to it later and gradually, whenever I need to use them. There are some data, however, that are not to be retrieved back again, forever.
Certain plans in my mind now. First, I'm going to check with HDR plugin for the web browser, and soon I might be able to embed HDR images (small ones of course) in here. Thanks to Blochi (Christian Bloch, the author of The HDRI Handbook: High Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers and CG Artists +DVD). In his website,, I've asked the question and here you go:
Yeah, there's two methods coming to mind right now.

One is the ancient PTViewer, that's a HDR panoviewer with auto-exposure. I have some demos and a full tutorial write-up here:

The second one is newer, and is exactly what you describe: an image viewer with exposure slider:
The visual interface needs a bit refinement for my taste, but its big advantage is that it works without Flash or ActiveX components or all that bogus. Just plain Javascript...
(actually, I'm pretty proud they used one image from our sIBL collection as demo piece Wink )
And that was his reply. The first option seems a bit complicated for me though but I have to go through it again and again and see. It uses the FJPG format (compressed HDR) and, as Blochi says, it produces artifacts (seen in the tutorial he provided). The other choice seems better but it is an open source and I didn't try anything of it yet. I'm not sure my programming or my commandline skills are up to it, but it gives a nice result and it is exactly what I want to do: a slider to change EV and see the image consequently.

Also, lies in my head some ideas for creating a turntable to place objects and rotate them easily and coherently for Object QTVR. Like the usual QTVR which is based on a 360 panorama, Object QTVR is the same but let's say, you taking an image to the INSIDE instead of the outside. Such thing enables you to have a 3D object in your hand and probably ready to be used in games and so on, and all is based on a REAL object and not a 3D rendering! Along with this turntable I have to work more on my new little tripod. If you visit the HDR Labs website above, you will notice exactly the opposite of what I'm thinking of! Like 3 meters long tripod. I wonder how they operate the camera to make a panorama from that level! It's surely a hideous work, but I'm pretty sure that such views are just AWESOME.
As for my little fella, the little tripod, it might help on taking panoramas on low level despite the fact that the head is not steady and easily shaken probably. I didn't get the chance to test it with my camera just yet because of the PC problem that almost took most of my time now and then. I might have to use an extra screw to fit the thin screw of the little tripod to the wide hole of the camera body. Thinking about it now, I think I might do something in such a way to rotate the whole tripod without moving the head after tightening the camera to it.

On the "domestic" plane, I'm trying to be active on this time and trying hard to push myself further with my writings. Wish me luck!
The work is going on with the translieration and recently just trespassed the limit of line #2350. The end is near!

1129. thus Alexander and Birbuár agreed to the conditions
1130. and after Khaznútím and his Khákaluts left the place
1131. he started to dig the ruins with Birbuár to get the body
1132. and searched for a decent place to be buried in
1133. then Birbuár asked Alexander not put a grave stone
1134. to avoid digging the grave again by the people of the village
1135. thus Alexander took care of the whole task
1136. because Birbuár could not touch his own body
1137. or else, the fires shall burn him deep within himself
1138. and all was done, under the light of three moons
1139. then when everything was done and the body is in rest
1140. Alexander looked back at Birbuár and this he said
1141. "shall you prove you are a wicked man again,
1142. I shall let your body out to the ground again by my hands,
1143. and now fulfill your promise and answer my questions"
1144. Birbuár smiled with a calm soul for Alexander and this he said
1145. "be sure O good king I will never be a wicked one now,
1146. tell me your questions and by God's will shall I answer"
1147. then Alexander started his questions as follows
1148. "who am I? where am I? what shall I do here?
1149. what is the secret that I am searching for?"
1150. and Birbuár raised his eyebrows and smiled
1151. and this he said: O good king, maybe I shall answer some,
1152. but verily your case is a difficult one to answer

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