Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alexander 6, V49.

A day without internet is not a day. It's a hell. This is the situation for today and I'm writing this as fast as possible just in case the service would be cut again. We have some rains here and the fuses are tripping now and then! What a design!
I like the rain really, but such a rain with hot breeze? No! It's suffocating and I feel myself barely breathing. My office's AC is not doing well as well although the temperature is set so low.

I'm still rebuilding my PC slowly and thinking about some future images. I had one heck of a weekend so I didn't take any pictures in this time period. The headache which still bites some portion of my head is growing me awry. However, I've been trying in the weekend to figure out a way to post HDR images on the web by using FJPG (Floating-point JPG), as you can read from the links I've posted in the previous post. Unfortunately my trial was not good as the freeware (PTconversion) did not work well with me and did not convert the HDR Radiance image into FJPG. The second method which consists of a plain open source program that uses command line to perform the action got me buffled with the many suffixes and commands that I must type! Command line prompts are not new to me really since I used to play games in good ol' DOS system! Yet, when reading the discription to this one I just don't know what I'm doing or reading!

The internet service had been sick for several days all over Kuwait, because of some marine cable, AGAIN. I guess we are supposed to be used to such excuses by now. Although it sounds so true since most of the Internet Service Providers here got stuck as well like my ISP, but personally, I'm sick of this excuse. As I said to a friend, seems they have two cups connected by a wire and not a cable there.

Also during the weekend, I was lucky enough to get the exact lyrics (sort of) for Denez Prigent's Ar Rannoù song! Thanks and praises go to Christian Souchon who guided me through it. For more about Brittany (Bretagne, Breizh) and the Breton culture, pleasevisit his website:

Here, again, I shall embed the song and its lyrics will follow. Please give some time to load. The translation can be found still in Christian's page:

C'HWEC'H mabig graet e koar,
Poellet gant galloud al loar
Ma n'ouzez-te, me a oar
C'hwec'h laouzaouenn er pradig
Meskañ er gaoter ra 'r c'horrig.
En e c'henou e vizig.

PEMP gouriz an douar
Pemp darn en goar
Pemp maen war hor c'hoar

PEVAR maen higolenn
Maen higolenn da Varzhin
Higolenn klezeier vlin.

TRI rann er bed-man a vez
Tri deroù ha tri diwezh
D'an den ha d'an derv ivez
Teir rouantelez Varzhin
Frouezh melen ha bleuñv lirzin.
Bugaligou o c'hoarzhiñ!

DAOU ejenn diouc'h eur gibi
O sachañ, o souetiñ.
Etrec'hit en estoni!

Heb rann AR Red hepken,
Ankou, tad an Anken,
Netra kent, netra ken."
Then the druid asks the child:

Daik, mab gwenn drouizh, ore
Daik petra fell dit-te?
Petra ganin me dit-te?

"Come on, fair child of the Druid,  listen!
What is your next wish?
What do you want me to sing?

The child answers:
"Kan din euz-a UNNEG rann, kén a oufvenn breman" (Sing to me the Eleven-series...)

Then the druid resumes his litany  from eleven down to seven

UNNEG beleg houarnezet
O toned eus-a Wened
Ganto c'hlezeier torret,
Hag o rochedoù gwadet
Prenn kalvez da vazh-loaeg
Eus-a dri c'hant o unneg.

DEK lestr tud gin eo gwelet
O toned eus an Naoned:
Gwa c'hwi, gwa c'hwi, tud Gwenned!

NAV dornig gwenn war daol leur
E kichen Tour Lezarmeur.
A nav mamm o keiniñ meur
O koroll nav c'horrigan
Bleuñveg o blev, gwisket gloan,
' Kelc'h ar feunteun, d'al loar-gann
Gwiz hag he nav forc'hell all
E toullig dor an hoc'h-zal,
O soroc'hal, o turc'hellat
O turc'hellat o soroc'hal
Torc'h, torc'h, torc'h d'ar wezenn aval!
An hoc'h kozh d'ho tiorren oll!

EIZH avel o ch'wibanat
Eizh tan gant an Tan-Tad
E miz Mae e menez kad.
Eizh onner wenn-kann-eon
O peuriñ en enez don,
Eizh onner wenn d'an Itron

SEIZH heol ha seizh loar
Seizh planedenn gant ar yar
Seizh elfenn gant bleud an aer

Thanks again to Christian. I can finally follow the song when listening! Breton is an interesting language indeed. Similar to Welsh in the tongue twists, but with some French elements to it. Beside French it also bears traces of Gaulish (distinct Celtic language) that was once spoken all over the French lands by the Gauls.

Add to Ar Rannoù (The Series), I might add another Breton song, Tri Martolod (Three Sailors) which was sang by Tri Yann. It is a funny song as well, and the lyrics are available already as far as I remember!

At the moment, I'm trying to think more about  layout for the webpage I'm going to make. Of course it's all would be simple. I'm not that creative when it comes to page making really. Now it is even more essential to avoid doing things in Flash, since I lost my software with the format (or it is there but not working until I re-install it). On the other hand, I'm trying to increase the work load with the transliteration to 3 verses a day. It is giving me a headache already!

1153. and Alexander wondered: how is it so?
1154. did you not say that you have some knowledge?
1155. and Birbuár said: yes, indeed, here is what I know,
1156. you are in Uhir Daynur, a wide land that was forgotten,
1157. our ancestors told us before, we were up, and now we are down,
1158. I cannot say what does that mean with my knowledge,
1159. but I never heard of Caqobia that you came from,
1160. nor I do know why this is called Uhir Daynur,
1161. but I know something about the Charnagút,
1162. a sword of the hero of the reddish hair
1163. and Alexander exclaimed: why the Charnagút is important?
1164. so Birbuár answered: I am not sure of this importance,
1165. but I read something about it in the old books of my father,
1166. it is said to be the key to something I cannot remember,
1167. and it is the guide through the Uhir Daynur,
1168. to reach the place of the eternal rest
1169. and Alexander said: weird phrases,
1170. that only time would explain to me,
1171. but now I remembered many things to ask,
1172. tell me O good Birbuár,
1173. where is your sun, and how you get light?
1174. and why some people have a shadow,
1175. while others do not have anything?
1176. then Birbuár smiled and said: you are indeed a stranger!

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