Monday, May 3, 2010

Alexander 6, V50.

Been a really busy day watching youtube! Welcome Monday!
This Monday is quiet? I can't think about this at all. Well, I had some soda pop up on my t-shirt but that's OK. Used to it, really. Yet, I'm still not out of work and Monday is still here hovering around!

It's kind of a shame that I'm not working with my camera much these days, but I have lot of things to do other than this... like getting some sleep. By I think I've set my target for the time being. The guest room, again. That room was never done right I guess. This time, with my new knowledge about the QTVR, it can be an awesome experience, soon. I'm almost convinced now that even with a fisheye, you got to take pictures in portrait position for your panoramas.

On the literature side, so many words have been flying around. I'm trying to compose something as much as I can and trying to find the flicker in my brain (if any, to the brain). One of those moments resulted in a piece I called One Day in May.
As for the time being, I'm going to spend my time listening to some old songs, that revive my memories a bit...
1177. then Birbuár asked: but tell me, what do you mean by "sun"?
1178. Alexander laughed with a surprise: blessed is He in Heavens!
1179. Birbuár O good friend, it is no time for a joke!
1180. but Birbuár did not laugh or smile even
1181. but he looked strangely into the eyes of Alexander
1182. thus Alexander stopped laughing and said
1183. "you are not serious in your question, are you?"
1184. then Birbuár answered: do I look like joking O king?
1185. Alexander then slapped his forehead with his palm
1186. and this he said to Birbuár: O friend, do not tell me this,
1187. you mean you never saw a sun? or heard of one?
1188. then Birbuár answered with a nod from his head: yes
1189. and Alexander went on explaining the meaning of "sun"
1190. while Birbuár hardly understood the meaning
1191. then Alexander asked: how you get heat here then?
1192. how do you get light? how do you get shadow?
1193. how do you get winter and summer? or spring and autumn?
1194. how do you plant and harvest? and eat your food or sleep?
1195. how do you even get day and night?
1196. or how do you even keep track of time?
1197. Birbuár then raised his eyebrows with a surprise
1198. and slowly said to Alexander with a low voice
1199. "seems this sun of yours is very important to you,
1200. but it might not be important for us here!"

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