Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alexander 6, V66.

Feeling like chilling out today. No work on my Ayvarith, no nothing. Well, except of some sample preparation, so just to say I was not idle all the day actually.
Generally, the paperwork for the Ayvarith part of Alexander 6 is over now, i.e. I don't have to face the papers and type down words and other stuff into my documents. But, I have to refer back to them from time to time to correct some mistakes, and not only in papers, but even in the transliteration that I've made already. The document that I've just made right now, contains 12 pages of new words and additions or fixes notes for the present dictionary, but before adding that, as I said I have to correct the main thing in Alexander 6 transliteration, and also, I have to change the transliteration system in the already existing dictionary, where I'm starting to use the letter "ŧ" and "ħ" for the usual Ayvaric words, instead of borrowed words. That also means I have to flip back the words that already use such characters for other sounds, and make them use the underline instead.
Too much fuss going on and just thinking about it now makes me numb really. I want to relax now. But my relaxation is not so complete, because I have to plan for my vacation. I'm putting the pieces together and I don't want to push my luck further like last year when I was in a hurry to catch up with the trains and spent more than 20 hours without a decent nap! This time, I'm spending one day in every stop, and also hoping for more views to enjoy. Although Co. Tipperary is south a bit from Dublin and the distant is not (virtually) as far as Galway, but the trip to there seems tiresome. I've made my mind to settle in a B&B like the last year, a place called Thornbrook House. It is a place around the village of Cashel, and as the description says, it is few minutes walking away from the Cashel Rock, where one of my teachers told me and showed me some old castle there that went into ruins. My plan, if gone correctly, should be like this:
  • 28/9 - To Dublin - rest.
  • 29/9 - Railway to Cahir - rest. (a junction change is required as it seems and the way is not directly to Cahir).
  • 30/9 - Going out by a cab or something from Cahir to Cashel where I shall stay.
  • 14 days shall follow.
  • 14/10 - Leave the place and head back to Cahir to stay.
  • 15/10 - Get from Cahir to Dublin and stay for a night.
  • 16/10 - Fly off.
Beside this plan, I must make out some essential papers for the visa and that thing is getting on my nerves a bit. Why it's not easy to get a visa in this area? Anyway, I'll manage.

My car is still in the garage after one month and one week, and one day. No news about it at all, and every time I call the sickening garage, no one answers. You think I will get it after getting backfrom vacation? I hope so...
Did you notice that the title is composed of "666" ? Yep, that's how I feel today...
1561. Alexander then asked the old man of the white beard
1562. "and how this Cadid became like this? and why he attacked me?"
1563. thus Biryári answered: Cadid lives within you wherever you go,
1564. it only leaves your body in two ways known to me,
1565. either you succeeded to conquer your cruelty,
1566. and that made him mad so he attacked you,
1567. or he can be out of you with rituals,
1568. but sooner or later he shall be back to the body
1569. Alexander then asked: and what shall I do with him now?
1570. the old man said: killing him is the solution as I see it
1571. but Alexander refused and said: no, something inside me says no
1572. and Biryári then smiled and said: it is but your kind heart that said no,
1573. and after defeating your own Cadid, thus you are free of darkness,
1574. I see you tightened him like a slave already,
1575. thus I suggest you take him as a slave for your ways
1576. and Alexander thought that it is indeed a good idea
1577. then he said to the old man: but is he safe to be with?
1578. and Biryári answered: with some time, he will be tamed,
1579. just like your own twin walking with you wherever you go,
1580. but his animal side shall remain as it is I presume,
1581. but at least he can be of no harm to you later
1582. and Alexander accepted the advice of the old man
1583. and decided to make his own Cadid a slave
1584. he might be of enormous help in this world

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