Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alexander 6, V65.

 Woho! Writing this in a hurry before leaving this place actually. I've spent most of the time shopping outside and doing some chores or talking to one of my teachers about traveling to Ireland and he gave me a valuable advice about some locations in Co. Tipperary, the county where I plan to stay. His advice was to stay in southern region of Tipperary, and in my previous inspection I found a nice place in the northern region of the county. However, I need to settle down at home and have a mug of herbal tea, the one I got today!, and do my research. The Euro is going down so this must be a good time to do my things. All the hassle is about the visa in fact.
I spent the whole time after that working on adding words to the list prior to adding them to the dictionary, and I just finished it all! For this, I'm typing this late now. Many, many, many things on my mind now that I just can't concentrate doing one thing at one time, and with me fasting now and not wanting to put down with it (yeah, I'm stubborn), I feel my body weak and I can't skip the afternoon's nap. Even my plans for photographs are not up to the level recently.

Well, time for me to put this down and pack my stuff...
1537. the old man raised his eyes with thoughts in the mind
1538. while his fingers were tickling his long white beard
1539. then this he said to Alexander: listen O good king,
1540. I never knew about worlds other than our world,
1541. but I know one thing for sure, thus nothing is weird to me
1542. and Alexander said rapidly: and what is that O good man?
1543. Biryári said: people on these lands think they speak like each other,
1544. but I know that they are not the same in their tongues,
1545. I saw that written by the hands of the wise in this Uhir Daynur,
1546. because I could not imagine the whole Earth speak one tongue,
1547. but it is all because of one thing that they speak to each other,
1548. it is by the guardian angel whose name is Atheir,
1549. he who moves the words from one mouth to another,
1550. and makes the ears listen to what it should be
1551. Alexander now understood how people understood him
1552. and how his Caqobian tongue looked familiar to others
1553. then he asked Biryári: and what about the thing tied outside?
1554. and the old man said: Ah! I almost forgot O good young man,
1555. this is the black side inside yourself,
1556. this is your cruelty that goes into your blood,
1557. this is the beast that eats you slowly,
1558. this is what we call the Cadid!
1559. Alexander then kept silent and his thought raced
1560. about the meaning of all of these events

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