Monday, May 24, 2010

Alexander 6, V64.

Quiet day relatively, except of the continuous blabbering in the next office. Women.
Nothing special for today either, and back to fasting as for the previous 3 weeks. For my lack of time I couldn't try my little tripod yesterday! All what I was doing today is adding the usual words into the list for my dictionary. Along the way, I was looking around for songs for Cheb Mami on youtube and found some amazing stuff that I never listened to before. One of those songs was a dueto between Mami and an Italian singer that I didn't hear of before this time, Zucchero. I believe his style is cool as well, judging from this song (which is in fact sang by Zucchero originally, entitled "Cosi Celeste"):

I couldn't believe that Mami was in fact found guilty in some case for drugging his ex and trying to force her for abortion. There are some faces that sometimes, when you look at them, you can never believe any a criminal attitude or tendencies at all. However, he is jailed in France; a spot known for the hassle made of everything not French.

In the process, and while having a break from adding words, I wrote one piece after having words in my mind for days without specific order. I called it, I Believe. In this one, I've mixed some styles, wondering if it would look and sound good. Hope you like it.

Thinking now seriously of ordering that tripod head, but the options are wide and I don't know what to pick or what is right for me. They are filthy expensive, but it would be nice to have before traveling to any spot on Earth. A macro lens is also on the list, but, not so essential right now, since most of my work is with architecture and landscapes, and portraits sometimes. Portraits though, are not my favorite subject!

e-zmén hú yibraą vi-ayná a^šas aynátá, li-anná ayná arħak. ħayyúþáy yibnar ka-inan húþ xalá šardaqá

1513. the wife served the food and the two ate
1514. while the creature called Cadid was outside
1515. it was tightened to a tree as Biryári asked
1516. and while the meal was served the two had a chat
1517. about living in the forest and what Alexander saw in it
1518. and the old man talked about his old adventures
1519. adventures when he was a young man still
1520. and when the two of them finished the meal
1521. the old man asked Alexander about his story
1522. thus Alexander went on telling his long story
1523. and how he met Shdáyur the smith to come up here
1524. then the old man asked about the village and its people
1525. but Alexander answered: I could not live much among them,
1526. because of the story of Birbuár as I told you before,
1527. I think they are nice people indeed, but nothing I could do
1528. and Biryári answered: yes, indeed, they are nice,
1529. and Birbuár was not the best of this village,
1530. thus please pardon them for hating you like that,
1531. but the deeds of Birbuár were unbearable
1532. thus Alexander smiled and said to the old man
1533. "O good old man, be sure there is no place in my heart,
1534. for hatred to these people that I do not know at all,
1535. but help me please with this quest in this Uhir Daynur,
1536. for I did indeed miss my people and my beloved"

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