Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alexander 6, V63.

 After a severe period of diarrhea for some hours that almost looked like a complete day, or it is in fact one day as a whole, I decided that today I must not fast. I still feel the weakness in my body though. I'm spending most of the day trying not to drink anything else but water. Hopefully, I can get back to fasting by tomorrow.
Ideas been racing through my mind on how to expand my work with photography, and thinking of getting some specialized VR head for my tripod (to catch on with panoramas) and also a macro lens, despite the fact that I'm still planning to visit Ireland but not yet settled on a specific location! All of Ireland is beautiful...

I just realized that until this moment I was so busy with many things that I've forgot to test my small tripod until this moment! The guest room in my house has been changed, and problably worthy for a trial again. Since the little tripod is so hard to control, I was thinking of some way to rotate it without having to release the screw of the head, and this is maybe feasible only by rotating the tripod itself, and to do so, I need to check that the tripod won't move left and right (or at least to minimize the shake). It is time to do some inventional work here. My idea is to have some sort of disk fixed as a base for the tripod, and probably (depending on the opening of the tripod legs) a simple CD or DVD might fit in for this purpose. I might put pictures in here for it if it worked.

The word adding process is going smoothly despite some troubles with repititve words and some grammatical mistakes that I've discovered in classifying words. The text body of the grammar section might need a complete renovation! Not good news.
Just out of fun, I'm listing here some words that will come later in the dictionary (hopefully):

Sentence: qumunwT [qamanúþ] (n.f.).

Condition: (situation) see situation, (on argument) SurQAwpiya [šarąúŧiyá] (n.m.), to make ~ SurQAuP [šarąaŧ] (v.).

Conditional: SurQAwpY [šarąúŧí] (adj.).

Decent: juvQnwN [javnún] (adj.).

Gravestone: rusQkulQfwd [raskalfúd] (n.m.).

Important: caliya [cáliyá] (adj.).

Importance: caliT [cáliþ} (n.f.).

Shadow: palwC [ŧálúc] (n.m.).

Strangely: buRuzwziT [ba-ğazúziþ] (exp.).

Serious: gurQnwC [garnúc] (adj.).

Seriously: bugurQnwca [ba-garnúcá] (exp.).

Depend: Autus [ąatas] (v.), to not ~ (seek independency) muAQtus [maątas] (v.).

Dependance: AutwsuH [ąatúsah] (n.m.).

Dependant: miAQtas [miątás] (n.m.f.).

Independence: muAQtusuH [maątasah] (n.m.).

Independent: muAtws [maątús] (n.m.f.).

Law: qunQmuswN [qanmasún] (n.m.).

Natural: (of nature) panuwY [ŧánawí] (adj.), (normal) see normal.

Normal: RuyQlwbyM [ğaylúbím] (adj.).

Still waiting for news about my car after one month and 5 days almost...
1489. Alexander then greeted the old man with a smile
1490. but the old man remained silent and scared
1491. Alexander asked him then: something wrong?
1492. the old man gathered his strength and this he said
1493. "who are you O young man?! Never saw your likes before,
1494. and in my whole life I never saw someone catching a Cadid!
1495. and not any Cadid, but his own Cadid!"
1496. thus Alexander replied: but O old man, I am a stranger,
1497. not from this land only, but from this world as well,
1498. would you please tell me, are you Biryári the woodsman?
1499. the old man raised his eyebrows and replied: yes, I am!
1500. I guess there is a long story behind you to tell O young man!
1501. come in into my humble home please, but keep this out!
1502. Alexander then asked in a hurry: that just reminds me!
1503. what is the Cadid you are talking about?!
1504. and how this thing has my own face on him?!
1505. and the old man smiled back at Alexander
1506. and he knew that Alexander was a complete stranger
1507. thus he calmed Alexander down and invited him
1508. to get into his home, but after tying the beast
1509. and the two agreed to tell the stories of each other
1510. after the food is served and Alexander is treated as a guest
1511. thus the two got inside the humble small house
1512. and the old man called upon his wife to cook

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