Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alexander 6, V62

I don't know where to begin here, but it wasn't the most pleasant weekend I've ever had. No going out on Thursday, and Friday was OK, until I got a sudden attack from a severe diarrhea in what seems to be a food poisoning. For the first time now I wish if this day just ends and I go to work as healthy as before.

Spent almost 3 days working on excessive control points in PTGui, trying to fix the old panorama of the gamma lab, but seemed impossible to be done. Things get even worse by adding more points! Hence, I satisfied myself with a simple cylindrical QTVR instead.

At the current time I'm just so weak and barely can move whereabouts. I hope this all finishes soon.

1465. by the fence Alexander stood and peeked
1466. he gazed through the windows and around him
1467. he could not find anything or anyone around
1468. thus he started to yell and say "anyone home?"
1469. no answered echoed back at him
1470. and he thought for a moment about what to do
1471. then he noticed a strange movement from the beast
1472. he was trying to untie the ropes on his hands
1473. thus he put his other hand on his Charnagút
1474. and when the creature saw this it calmed down
1475. and to the floor, it knelt down and looked up
1476. while a shout from his behind occurred to Alexander
1477. and the shout said: hey you! what are you doing!
1478. Alexander turned around to see an old man
1479. so old that his beard reached near his knees
1480. suddenly the man stopped and gazed upon Alexander
1481. Alexander looked at him and raised his eyebrows
1482. and the old man said: O God of Heavens! How!
1483. Alexander gazed around him and said: how what?
1484. the old man said in a stuttering voice: who are you?
1485. you did indeed catch your own beast?
1486. you did indeed captivated your own Cadid?!
1487. but Alexander did not understand a word
1488. and gazed upon his captivated beast

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