Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alexander 6, V61.

One of those days that you just wanna sit at home and never go to work, just like that. And that's exactly what I did. In fact, I had a reason for this. Thanks to all the chatterers that kept me awake until a late hour of the night and I couldn't find time to sleep. I slept for 2 hours only then went to work and made my fingerprint and came back home to try to nap again. It wasn't a successful nap anyway and I kept waking up now and then, but after all, I didn't stay in the office and its boring atmosphere and had some rest for now. The uncool thing is that I have to go back just to fingerprint, as simple as that, and come back home again. Unfortunately, I didn't see some trustworthy people around to give them my own fingerprint to do the job for me.

Beside chatting, I was actually and mainly busy with something else. I didn't stay up too late just for a chat! I spent the time working on that new set of images that I shot for the Gamma Lab again. This time, I spent an excessive time putting more control points and taking the advantage of assigning "horizontal" and "vertical" lines in PTGui. It is an option that let's you specify two points in 2 adjacent images as being a straight line, either a vertical or a horizontal one. The result was awesome, and not only the main features were close to err-less, but even the checkered tiling came almost unique!

The Gamma Lab, from the second shoot.

The bad news here is that, the zenith image from the previous session did not fit here. Because of this problem, I'm working right now as I'm typing this on the previous session, which had the zenith in good proportions, and this time I'm putting a heavy load on control points assignments. If things went bad and could not be fixed like this one, then I would have to force myself to be satisfied with a simple cylindrical QTVR.
The above image was first manipulated in Photoshop before final tone-mapping in Photomatix. The only edition in Photoshop was to level down the exposure for the fluorescent lamps and make the rods obvious as much as possible while keeping the exposure as it is for the rest of the image. Of course, a simple Exposure Layer is all what we needed here with some strokes of the brush on the Mask of the layer. There is one point that I didn't pay much attention to actually in the two shoots, and that is my reflection on the glass of the cabinets, but I suppose it is not a hard deal to clean it up.

Since today is a restful day, and since my papers are in the office and didn't bring them back home with me yesterday, so I could not (and I doubt I would) work with the new words list.
Deciding where to go in a vacation, and alone, is a hard decision indeed...

1441. the creature looked at Alexander with one eye
1442. while it was eating from Alexander's hands
1443. Alexander did see its fangs clearly from his mouth
1444. and he thought what kind of beast is this?
1445. after feeding the creature, Alexander asked him a many
1446. but no answer he got from the thing but only moans
1447. then the hero tore a piece of cloth from his clothes
1448. and tied it to the eye of the beast and covered it
1449. the beast showed something that seemed like a smile
1450. Alexander then released the beast from the tree
1451. but he kept the legs and hands tied together
1452. and he held the tip of the rope and walked
1453. because he wanted to know what is thing with his face
1454. and because he did not trust that thing, he tied him like that
1455. they walked to the north in the thick forest for days
1456. until the two of them reached a small hut in the middle
1457. with some smokes coming out from its chimney
1458. thus Alexander knew someone is inside
1459. and he knew he reached his final destination in here
1460. where the woodsman Biryári lives
1461. thus he approached with his new slave
1462. so slow watching out for dangers that might come
1463. while smelling a good smell of food
1464. until they reached the fence of the yard

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