Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alexander 6, V60.

First thing first. How am I typing this, I don't know. Three hours of sleep only before coming to work, or might be four in an optimistic view. I think this day won't pass without a nap in the office after all.
I've been awake late trying to fix the panorama taken yesterday for the gamma lab (again), which is composed of two rows of images, and forgot to take the zenith for that one. The results primarily are fine so far, and the optimization in PTGui gives good results although the stitch go erratic afterward. There are some problems with the door, the long bench and little bit for the top of the closets.

Previous panorama for the gamma lab in Little-Planet projection, 
taken in two rows but not in HDR mode. The lines here seem to be fitting more with less errors.

The process is still not finished however, and I'm trying to fix it step by step by adding control points at the places where stitching errors occur, and specially control points defined as "vertical" or "horizontal" lines, to let PTGui know where to fit things. As for the flooring and tiles, I would give hope from now with this one already, because by experience, I don't think there is any use in wasting time on fixing the alignments of these lines. The more lines you have, the harder to stitch them together. I'm abit concerned now with the main features in the panorama, like the bench and the closets. When in little-planet projection it is always easy to see how lines fit together easily with not much of a stitching error (but they might occur). I think the more you grab your panorama to the center, the lesser the errors would be, and that what makes the LP projection type awesome for the eye and unique, but unfortunately, in case you want to make up a QTVR, this is not useful at all. You do need a flat spherical panorama.
The process went as: a) add control points in places of error, b) align the images again in PTGui; it's an automatic process done with a click, c) do optimization and try to get it to a "good" level, d) check everything is OK in the preview window, e) stitch a small sized one, f) check it out to see if everything fits. Sometimes, step (b) would not be a good option to do after adding control points, and it happened to me one time when, after adding control points, I clicked align and the whole thing got screwed up in some unreasonable manner! I don't know why this happened, but thank God there is an "Undo" option. I love the Undo option!

The main problem in PTGui preview window, or might be the thing that cannot be done with the available abilities at the current time, is that in the case of an HDR panorama, the preview window cannot blend your images together and give you a flat view of the panorama. All what you would see is slices overlapping that are not so good for the eyes' view and for judging the quality. Thus, you must stitch and view the result elsewhere, and for this purpose I do a small-sized stitch and view in Photomatix (I don't want to run Photoshop to eat up some of my memory!).
The final result until this moment is OK so far. The door had been almost fixed, with a little nudge here and there that might be easy to clone out and the bench is fixed completely. Will see afterward, if the zenith from a previous session, would fit more.

The "pinning" down of the new words are going smoothly, despite the fuss. There are remarks that I've wrote down and I wouldn't know what is going on until I organize these words alphabetically and add them to the dictionary. I don't want to organize now since it's all will be like a tiresome task to do now and then. I doubt there had been some repeated words, as I stated yesterday, but that would show only later. Shaky.

I'm waiting here with all my patience to get out of this "jail" and head back home and take some rest, that is if I didn't fall down sleeping already after posting this...

1417. the morning arrived with its light to the forest
1418. Alexander woke up and hurried to check the shadow
1419. he traced a line of blood on the ground slowly
1420. until he reached the body of a black thing near a tree
1421. he saw two horns on the top of his head
1422. while the thing was asleep and looking down
1423. Alexander approached slowly to see the black thing
1424. then he gasped and held his breath with surprise
1425. because he just saw his face on another body
1426. he stood without feeling anything with his senses
1427. and when he got his mind back he started to think
1428. what creature is this that takes his image in black?
1429. and while he was thinking, the creature woke up
1430. and started to groan and moan like an animal
1431. Alexander asked: who are you? what are you?
1432. but the creature kept on moaning and groaning
1433. thus Alexander realized that such thing is not a man
1434. but he could not understand how he had his face
1435. and since the creature was injured in the eyes
1436. and he was moaning from the pains
1437. Alexander's heart could not stand the situation
1438. thus, Alexander got some food out for the creature
1439. and fed the thing with his own hands
1440. while the creature was tied to a tree

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