Monday, May 17, 2010

Alexander 6, V59.

A Monday. Full stop.
I decided to take my camera set today to re-shoot the lab in another way today. This time, I decided to make it only two rows. The two rows go around in increments of 30 degrees. For the top row, the camera is elevated at 30 degrees (with 0 degrees on the top of the vertical line dividing the dial), while the lower row is on -30 degrees. The are in the middle which was taken solely in the previous time will be shared in between the rows, the bottom of the upper row, and the top of the lower row. I was thinking, maybe too much details is not so good for the computer to overlap images and assign control points, or in other words, the software gets confused for the number of details and hence things go nasty afterwards. I shall give this a try instead of the previous trial that drove me nuts. In my haste, I've forgot to take a zenith snap, but I think I will try to take the zenith from the previous trial. It might work.
I was almost going into a disaster when the battery was exhausted and needed to be changed while working on the top row of images. Hence, after finishing, I've changed, as careful as it can be, the batteries. I've found out that the other batteries were exhausted as well! I've forgot to recharge them the last time! Here comes my Monday. I've already started with a disaster when I came to work and forgot all the keys in the other car, but Gracefully, the keeper was around to open the doors for me. My life is going into a real mess and I just can't hold the brakes.

Still studying my options for my vacation right now and I'm afraid that I'm running out of time for the time being! The visa procedures would need at least one month to be processed (if done with no mistakes). I have to prepare everything and reserve everything, then get the tickets, and then prepare for the visa. A long procedure that I do ask myself if I really am into all of this. One second I'm up to it, the other I'm just down and not willing to do anything.

 As for today, I've started with enlisting the words in the usual format that I usually use for the dictionary, preparing them to be added later on to the HTML dictionary. The process in the beginning was not as easy as I thought, specially with some technical awkward moments with the software. I'm using the OpenOffice Writer now, and forgetting about all the fuss in the Microsoft Word. It's free! It needs some work on some aspects, but never the less, you would give up some options for a free complete set of softwares that run parallel to the Microsoft stuff, like Word or Excel or even PowerPoint. However, I'm preparing myself for more difficulties soon, as there might be some words that are duplicated (i.e. one English word with same meaning having 2 Ayvarith words). Such things happen all the time. Just for fun, I post here the words enlisted in the first page of the new words of the dictionary (who knows, I might add more later on here...) - Remember, words between the square brackets [...] are the pronunciation. The exact Ayvarith text won't appear if you don't have the Ayvarith font installed.

Company: muRwTa [mağúþá] (n.f.), (commercial) SQgwrzakixiT [šgúrzákiħiþ] (n.f.).
Accompany: muyuR [mayağ] (v.).
Companion: muRQlaN [mağlán] (n.m.f.).
Capital: (city) ramQmuAyriT [rámmaąíriþ] OR ramWAyriT [rámmaąíriþ] (n.f.).
Khanate: XanwtiyaTa [xánútiyáþá] (n.f.).
Tower: burQgul [bargal] (n.m.).
Castle: qiculQxiyaTa [qicalħiyáþá] (n.f.).
Meditate: AuSQvuM [ąašvam] (v.).
Meditation: AuSQvamuH [ąašvámah] (n.m.).
Golden: DuhurY [ðaharí] (adj.).
add: harsh: (touching) guSwb [gašúb] (adj.).
Own: muduA [madaą] (v.).
Owner: madwA [mádúą] (n.m.f.).

fix: supply: n.m.
Guest: quyQfa [qayfá] (n.m.f.).
Hospitality: quyafiT [qayáfiþ] (n.f.).
Real: (true) xugyC [ħagíc] (adj.), (not imaginary) muXQwwN [maxwún] (adj.).
Reality: muXwniT [maxúniþ] (n.f.).
Really: bumuXQwwN! [ba-maxwún!] (exp.).
Respect: xubWyM [ħabbím] (n.m.), to ~ xubuM [ħabam] (v.).
Respectively: bunuzaruH [ba-nazárah] (exp.).
add: order: (scheme) nuzaruH [nazárah] (n.m.).
fix: order: system
Fall: suful [safal] (v.).
add: welcome: (exp.) boqQliya [buqliyá]
Bind: ausur [asar] (v.)
Bound: aaswr [ásúr] (n.m.).
Serve: xulus [ħalas] (v.).
Servant: xalws [ħálús] (n.m.f.).
Server: xulys [ħalís] (n.m.).
Safe: SalwM [šálúm] (adj.).
Safety: SQlamiT [šlámiþ] (n.f.).
Hurt: RulQbuM [ğalbam] (v.).
Mortal: auduM nujwr [adam najúr] (adj.).
Immortal: ma munQjwr [má manjúr] (adj.).
Grow: gudux [gadaħ] (v.).
Grown-up: gudyx [gadíħ] (adj.).

1393. something held the neck of Alexander tightly from his back
1394. the press was so tight on the hero's neck and he could not breath
1395. while Alexander held the thing and tried to resist
1396. the shouts of Alexander filled the forest with echo
1397. while the black thing shouted in same manner
1398. and the saliva of the shadow dropped on Alexander
1399. Alexander tried hard to turn his face and look at that thing
1400. but the force on his neck was so fierce and did not move
1401. and Alexander bent his body up and stretched his legs
1402. then used his legs against the face of the shadow
1403. the shadow fell down screaming out loud
1404. and covered his eye with his own hands
1405. but Alexander could not see a thing of his shape
1406. because it was dark but only with the moons' lights
1407. the shadow got up to run away from Alexander
1408. but in a fast move the hero captured his legs
1409. and with a rope he had in his sack he tightened him
1410. and to a tree he had him tightened and unable to move
1411. thus Alexander relaxed and closed his eyes calmly
1412. and decided to check the identity of this shadow later
1413. while the shadow was moaning from the pain
1414. and had no power to move at all after this kick
1415. because it was directly into his eyes
1416. and he might not see again from now on


  1. 1394 - should be "breathe" 1406 - should be "moon's" unless there's more than one moon? How this helps.

  2. Thanks for the comment although I noticed it late. I forgot to fix the option of my blog to follow comments. Yes it should be breathe. In fact I didn't make a grammar and spelling check on my writing yet.
    It is moons. Plural. More than one moon. As you can see I've mentioned "lightS" after that.

    Thanks again :)