Sunday, May 16, 2010

Alexander 6, V58.

Fasting without having my last meal last night makes this day a hard one to pass. Although I had the choice to simply not fast, but I'd rather make it a challenge. Been going here and there with my brother to get a car from the leasing company since my car is there now for 3 weeks and I've been paying the installments for April and soon for May. Anyway, there was no way to compensate for that period of time where I didn't take any exchange car, so I still have to pay for May regularly. The family made a fuss about getting this car, and now, I don't see anyting changed. More headache, that's all what is added.
I had plans to start working on the dictionary today but with this fuss and this mood, I don't think so. I'm trying to laugh as much as possible but even with that, I can't get there. After all, I didn't want to stop posting the verses, so here you go...

1369. Alexander walked through the roads of the village
1370. covering his head and talking to no one on his way
1371. and using his new tool to know the way through the village
1372. until he safely went out of the village from the other gate
1373. he found himself directly between trees and bushes
1374. so huge they were like they were touching the sky
1375. thus he kept pushing his way hard into the forest
1376. through the thick layers of trees and plants
1377. and upon his first night in the forest he decided to rest
1378. thus he searched for a rock to sit beside
1379. and got some bits of his food to eat after a long walk
1380. when he heard some noises between the bushes
1381. he figured that a night in a weird place will not pass
1382. thus he made his hand ready on the Charnagút
1383. and gazed with his eyes left and right carefully
1389. while he made his ears sharper than wolf's ears
1390. and the sounds appeared to approach and become louder
1391. and Alexander's nerves were tenser than before
1392. when suddenly a ghostly shadow appeared from behind

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