Thursday, May 13, 2010

Alexander 6, V57.

There are some days when you start them, just in the very early beginning, you would ask youself simply, "Why?".
Been encountering bad dreams, about some dead people and seriously, it kept awake all night. Diarrhea in early morning, which is not sort of typical and usual. Car overheating later on and just finished adding water. I wonder what will come next when this day is over completely. I''m sort of used to such days on Mondays, but now I was wondering what's so special about this day that I had to start it like that? And then, AHA! it is the 13th of the month. It's not Friday, I know, but it is still the 13th!

However, there had been some obstacles in my work with my gamma lab QTVR. I'm still wondering how to add a nadir to it. Also, the fixes maybe aren't as good as it appears. Sometimes, even after reaching this level, I still think of re-take the whole thing again with a different setting or method.

Trying to have fun for the time being. No REAL work yet, and by work I mean Ayvarith work and Alexander's story. I've uploaded some font files into my fortunecity account for future use in the creation of the webpage. Spent some time thinking on how shall I do it and I think I've settled down on making the whole webpage with a vertical frame panel, and not like my previous webpage on GeoCities, which was mainly horizontal. Nothing is done yet with anything related to the HTML encoding though. Before making the webpage, I have to add words to the dictionary and organize them, and it is time then, I guess to start building. Along with that, I might start checking the Ayvarith transliteration of the story (with a sharp eye as much as possible) to fix (or more like adapt) and unify the grammar or spelling of some words, or the orthography of some others, since there has been some stuff of that that changed along with time. Add to that, a contemporary check-up for the Grammar page that was done before must be in due along with that.

1345. The smith went silent after the mention of Birbuár
1346. and Alexander felt that he did something wrong
1347. but Shdáyur answered: only a Shágí can do that,
1348. this is because it is a soul that got rid of the body,
1349. thus it is free of the bounds of our world
1350. then Alexander said: if so, then I might need some food,
1351. I am a stranger in these lands and might get lost
1352. and the smith replied: yes, verily you will need food,
1353. for the journey to that place will take three days
1354. and Shdáyur prepared the needs of food for Alexander
1355. and supplied him with water to drink, and washed his body
1356. then he provided him with a tool to use and said to him
1357. "take this it will be beneficial for you my friend,
1358. it will direct you where is the east and west,
1359. thus, you shall know how to head north"
1360. Alexander asked: and what do you call this?
1361. Shdáyur replied: we call it "compass,"
1362. oh then how did you find directions in your world?
1363. Alexander replied: we had a sun and a moon and stars,
1364. and all of that helps us in finding our way, day or night,
1365. but you have your own ways in these lands of yours!
1366. then Shdáyur picked the compass from Alexander
1367. and showed him how to work out with it
1368. and after a warm farewell, Alexander left undercover

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