Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alexander 6, V56.

Well well, what do you know! It feels just great to come to work one morning and never have to go to your backpack or whatever and pick out some file with lots of A4 papers and start working on transliteration! Phew!

I have a busy day awaiting for me since I have to fix something in this car. My car is still not finished since maybe 18th of April! It's almost a month for a silly accident to be repaired! I can't believe it. I discovered today also that the car license itself is expired since 2008! I'm really not into troubles more than this now so I have to get the car to someone to do this for me because, simply, I hate the car check-up guys and all the stupidity and tyranny that hover in that place. Want an example of how life goes among the stupid people in Kuwait? Here you go. Just go and check out those guys who check your car and give you some REASONABLE reasons for refusing your papers. Please note the sarcasm here.
Anyway, Just came now from the garage after some nice tour to buy spare parts from Honda, and the smart guy there gave me 2 belts of the same type while I said one belt from each type. So I paid extra for nothing almost but anyway, I don't care anymore. I just want to finish this as soon as possible. My throat feels like a piece of wood with all the thirst I'm suffering now, but well, this is what fasting is about. To challenge your own self. So, I'm not going to break my fast until my life is threatened or so!

On the other hand, I had my trials again and again with Gamma Lab panorama and I've decided to become, a bit of sensible let's say. This time, I've tone-mapped (again) all the images (but with other parameters than the previous time when I made my template), and then stitched it. The stitching went on for the middle panel and the upper panel only, and I've neglected the lower panel because it was a cause of many problems in control points assignments. Hence, I have to put on something down there later on. I went on fixing the new panorama now after being given a green light for his highness Mr Optimizer with a grade of "good", but good here does not mean no stitching errors. The stitching errors still there and worked on some of them already but not to a good degree actually. Then I realized that if this is going to be on a website in a window that sizes almost like 400x300 (like the ones I put here), then maybe I should really get down to that and fix the errors later in that size. I guess no need to take the pain all over and then minimize the thing, I would call this a little bit of perfectionism, which I do have in my blood, ugh, from time to time.
Anyway, here you go with a non-processed QTVR. Give it time to load please, the size of the file is 2.5MB and I tried my best to minimize it to a good degree!

As you will notice, the ceiling needs lot of work! While the bottom, or nadir, is to be filled with something, but I'm not sure how to do so. It would look easy if the projection was of Little-Planet type, but here we have none of that. I'll see to that, even if I have to put on a reflection like in Failaka's QTVR. A narrow space with lot of crossed lines is like a hell for me to do. I hate such places!

After this hard day, all what I'm thinking of is... relax... if I can!

1321. after the food and after washing their hands
1322. the smith and his guest sat down for a serious talk
1323. and this Shdáyur did say: O good king of Caqobia,
1324. verily your story is weird and strange to me,
1325. but I never knew there are worlds other than this,
1326. neither I did know there are other tongues,
1327. and this Charnagút really looks weird and fierce,
1328. but I am not a man of literature or wisdom,
1329. but I might know someone who can help out
1330. thus Alexander asked rapidly: who?
1331. and the smith answered: there is one friend of mine,
1332. a woodsman that lives out of this village,
1333. but sometimes he comes here to sell his goods,
1334. if you are willing to seek some knowledge,
1335. he might be the good one for your task,
1336. he lived amongst lot of creatures and peoples,
1337. and he can read and write for good as well,
1338. just go out of this village to the north,
1339. and seek a man called Biryári,
1340. and tell him you are from my side
1341. Alexander then asked Shdáyur the smith
1342. "with Birbuár, we moved so fast through the lands,
1343. I did not know such thing is possible in your world,
1344. how can I do so?"

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