Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alexander 6, V55.

It's over! The transliteration process for Alexander VI is over! I should celebrate this by, having some sleep!
It is time now to add words to the dictionary and to check out how to do the webpage now. The heavy load is gone now and the rest is, maybe, some bites to do from time to time. I'm trying to convince myself that everything should be done slowly with this.

Lot of things to think about, however. A macro lens is on the list, traveling, and priot to all, fix the car (which should be simple but I know my luck anyway).
Been struggling again and again trying to do a decent panorama for the gamma lab and yet all my trials failed. This time, I'm thinking seriously of deleting all these images and re-take the whole thing in different settings, or maybe by using my small tripod which I didn't try yet.

I got a strike of melancholy yesterday when I discovered that some sound files and some pictures that were stored there on my desktop, were all gone after the format. This format thing became like the Great Flood of Noah to my life, almost. As for the sound files, they were my narrative account for the story of Alexander in Ayvarith. It's all gone, but I can record that again I guess, after fixing what needs to be fixed in the Ayvarith text itself.

Well, my boss is planning for more work on the way and more going out in the sun and doing some measurements. Well, who cares of course if TJ is fasting or not. Anyway, I just hope this won't interfer with my own projects that I "do" at work time!

1297. Alexander did exactly as Shdáyur asked him to
1298. he wandered in the street behind Shdáyur with a cloak
1299. until the two of them reached a wooden hut amid the grass
1300. both of them entered the hut and Alexander put the cloak down
1301. then the smith called upon someone and said: Yahuvím!
1302. thus from a small room in a corner, a fair lady got out
1303. covering her head with a black scarf having bluish eyes
1304. the lady seemed young, so he whispered to the smith
1305. "your daughter I presume O good man"
1306. and Shdáyur smiled and whispered back to Alexander
1307. "No, my daughter got married and left the house long ago,
1308. but this is my wife who shall cook your food for today"
1309. Alexander then got surprised and amazed, and asked again
1310. "oh you mean it is your second wife my friend?"
1311. the smith giggled and said: seems you do not believe anything here,
1312. no, I shall never get a second wife, my woman is one and only one"
1313. after the two sat down and had conversations about the life
1314. in Uhir Daynur and in the world of Alexander, that is Daynur
1315. while they were waiting for the food to arrive
1316. Alexander followed the words of Shdáyur carefully
1317. and he thought that he might be in another planet
1318. while Shdáyur got amazed for Alexander's adventures
1319. and the two of them continued the speech
1320. with the arrival of the food on the table

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