Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alexander 6, V68.

New week begins with new problems on the photography field. I got some back pains today out of sudden so I'm feeling a bit awkward and not feeling like working at all.
I spent the weekend however mangling with those pictures that I didn't touch so far (or maybe touched but re-touched them now) from Ireland, and while doing so, I was going all over the new pictures of the lab that I've recently captured last Thursday. The work was not all smooth and still not done perfectly. Many breakages and I think the parallax error played a major role here because of the narrow space of the lab itself and that many objects scattering around which makes it hard to stitch. Just at this moment while typing this, I've thought of converting all files into a tone-mapped JPG (the usual) and using the SmartBlend plugin in PTGui to try to minimize the effects of the parallax. SmartBlend plugin is supposedly a new (relatively) feature that comes in a plugin form and can be added to PTGui to help on overcoming the parallax error, but unfortunately, doesn't work though for big size images and/or the HDR files.
Just now and because of all these problems with stitching, I'm thinking seriously of getting myself a VR head whatever the costs are. I wish also to have it as soon as possible before going to Ireland!

I had to go out for a little while today to get an international calling cards to reserve my place in the B&B by phone for September! I hate it when it becomes so much complicated like that... I was supposed to call back on Thursday and now because of my sluggishness, I have to wait until tomorrow, since Sunday is an official holiday (duh!).

The work with the new words suddenly stopped now and I need some grease to move on with it. A weird feeling came over me making me for days now, making me checking some reggae and rap songs all over. I know, it's not weird at all for some people but for someone who is not fond of these styles, it sounds a bit weird!

As for now, I shall leave you with "some" pictures from Ireland...

1609. in the morning the wife prepared the food
1610. and the old man woke Alexander up
1611. because of the tiresome times he had, it was not easy
1612. and the two gathered around the morning table
1613. while the old man was so excited to tell Alexander
1614. but he knew it is out of manners to talk before eating
1615. thus he just said: I have news for you, now be my guest
1616. both of them ate until their stomaches were full
1617. when the old man spoke with excitement to Alexander
1618. and this he said: from the books I got tips about you
1619. thus Alexander raised an eyebrow and said: me?
1620. the old man said: yes, you and only you,
1621. you are the old to look for the secret of life,
1622. and the one that will come from above then be raised,
1623. it is all mentioned here in the old books that i gained,
1624. they all talk about the red haired hero of the Charnagút
1625. then Alexander asked: and what is the Charnagút?
1626. Biryári answered: it is the key to the wisdom,
1627. I understand it opens something, but I could not know it,
1628. something that keeps a secret, the secret of wisdom,
1629. and as the books say, from above he comes, then he shall go,
1630. and I might have an idea about your next way to go!
1631. Alexander asked with excitement: and where to now?!
1632. Biryári said: The Ring Mountains and Peace Valley

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