Monday, May 31, 2010

Alexander 6, V69.

The heaviest part now is gone. I've booked my place in the B&B in Ireland, and now just waiting for the receipt. Next step now is to work on the tickets and the visa. I think I will pick the Turkish airlines this time as well, like last year. I wouldn't bear sitting for like 12 hours in the airplane in one line from Abu Dhabi to Dublin!

I was supposed to this phone call to book the place since last Thursday but my laziness did not allow it to happen! Anyway, after calling several times today, it went through later on. They told me they will call me at 10 O'clock, which is like 12 O'clock for me. I was hesitated to get busy with anything fearing that they might call (in like 20 minutes from my first call), but then I couldn't help it and I fell asleep on the couch to recharge my batteries to get back home later! They called however after almost one hour or so and thank God I didn't yawn while doing this!

After some back pains yesterday and putting many sprays and a sticker, which reduced the pain a bit, I had to take one Cataflam pill to put down the pain and sleep, and the effect lasted until this morning and I barely woke up. Well, I slept in the office which is normal by now with or without any medicine!
I've been surfing the net thinking seriously of getting a VR head now, and calculating what possibilities I have in here and there. There are many stuff, but mainly one brand that got my attention and that was Novoflex. They got plenty of types in various prices, but nevertheless, not cheap to an average user like me!

Novoflex VR-System Pro for Cubical Panoramas, with Rotator, L Bracket, Camera & Tripod Mounts. 
Something like this is what I need for decent panoramas.

Now, I'm hoping and wishing that I would be able to buy this and get it before going to Ireland. The main awkward point is, for such tripod heads, the weight is always a matter of concern. The above head for example may weight almost 1 kilogram. Not something sweet in your bag containing your camera tools. You would already have a similar weight from the lenses in your bag.
My lab panorama is still under attack with my approaches and yesterday's trial with SmartBlend plugin didn't work out. It is baffling for now and seems no escape from doing a heavy job in Photoshop for correcting the stitching errors. Meanwhile, I do want to work more on the previous images taken from Ireland, and also to play some games that I've downloaded and forgot!

1633. Alexander asked Biryári: and what shall be done there?
1634. Biryári replied: I could not understand the texts clearly,
1635. but the words say "and the red haired hero shall be there,
1636. where the three moons stand upon the mounts, he will be there,
1637. and to the help he shall come, as he always did and does"
1638. and the only place I know where the moons are like that,
1639. is the valley of peace where the moons remain on mounts
1640. Alexander asked then: and text did not mention who to help?
1641. but the old man nodded with his head for the opposite
1642. Alexander then requested some guidance from Biryári
1643. and Biryári wished to travel with the hero as a guide
1644. but the hero refused that and said: O good old man,
1645. if you come with me to there, who shall feed your wife?
1646. give me the way and I shall try it myself O good man
1647. and back to his reason and mind, Biryári agreed
1648. so Biryári guided Alexander to the Ring Mountains
1649. where they lie at the eastern boundaries of the forest
1650. and Alexander asked Biryári: are there lot of creatures?
1651. then Biryári said: none occurred to me while I work,
1652. but be careful of anything when night time comes,
1653. always settle down and keep a fire burning
1654. thus Alexander asked: and how to make a fire there?
1655. and Biryári smiled and said: you forgot that I am a woodsman?
1656. then Biryári helped the hero to get ready for the trip

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