Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alexander 6, V70.

 A busy, and dizzy, day all at once. Although I've decided to stop fasting now, yet in the early morning I didn't feel like eating anything. I think my body is used to it now.
I've started working on the dictionary again and the progress is so slow. I have to change frequent changes in the previous entries regarding the spelling system and the changes I've made while working on the transliteration of Alexander 6. So far, I've reached the letter "P" and work is going on...

I couldn't help it but I had to fall asleep in the office for like 45 minutes and still until the moment of writing this, I feel my head spinning!

I'm comparing prices now for flights to Dublin, and seems the Turkish Airlines are my best choice, instead of Etihad. The times offered by Etihad are not that suitable for my schedules and timings, beside, I don't think I can take a fly for more than 6 hours continuously.

I spent my day listening to Shaggy here and there and finally, listening to his song "Hope". Gives a reviving feeling indeed...

Meanwhile, and at home, I have to get back to work with that lab panorama that I'm completely disappointed with. Despite my hate for it by now, but it is a work left undone. I take breaks from working with this by doing some processing to some pictures from Ireland, taken last year...

There was a fuss while doing some photos because of the color system change (in between the sRGB space and the ProPhoto space), but now, I think I will try to make all my work in ProPhoto format, even my uploads on the net.
I will listen to "Hope" again one more time now, before leaving this office...

1657. then before leaving Alexander asked Biryári
1658. "how to know that I reached the right place?"
1659. and Biryári answered: you will not be missing at all,
1660. the valley and its mountains are just after the forest,
1661. and the valley is full of trees that bear thorny fruit,
1662. and by night, you see the moons settle on the mounts
1663. thus Alexander prepared himself for this long journey
1664. and thanked Biryári for his hospitality and information
1665. then both of them hugged and shook hands firmly
1666. after that Alexander left to the yard and took his Cadid
1667. and the Cadid was willing to go with Alexander easily
1668. which made Alexander feel some comfort about it
1669. the two went on walking in the long forest road
1670. you could see Alexander pulling his Cadid behind him
1671. and in the road, beside the food that Alexander has
1672. he used to hunt for exotic birds that he saw on trees
1673. the Cadid with his blackish body and face sounded happy
1674. as if he liked his new master, who has the same face of his
1675. but his fangs and claws were absolutely different from his master
1676. ten days passed through the thick forest until green no more
1677. and Alexander saw how beautiful the land was after the forest
1678. there he tied the Cadid to a tree near him
1679. and sat down to pray down for such an amazing beauty
1680. and asking his Master to bestow more power upon him

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