Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alexander 6, V71.

It is one of those days that I can't call either as busy, or idle. It was something in between, but surely my mind was busy with other tasks. Went well so far, despite my wake-up at 3:00 am with a severe pain and diarrhea, again.
I started my day with the radio as usual, and suddenly, it was one of those rare times when something you really like is played on air. I wonder who would listen to rap or rock at 6:00 am? C'mon guys!
The song was "Bad Day" for Daniel Powter. It is not an old song I guess, but I do love it and for quite some time, I didn't think about this song or the words in it. Just this morning I got its spark...

It is a unique song to me because of the simplicity of words, and yet the big meaning in it in the same time. It reminds me of those damn Mondays specifically, and made me walk on with my days until this very moment. Not only that, but it did in fact inspire to write something close to that meaning, but I had to "steal" the rhyming scheme somehow (that is a-a-b-b-c). I called my piece Pigeons and A Crow. It reminded myself of some days when people look differently and strangely at you just because you are left-handed, clumsy, not the sport type, your body shape, and even the shape of your nose or what car you are driving. People can be cruel and silly in the same time... this is for sure.

The last piece was not written completely in one time, but on separate times, as I had to go out of work for some time to receive my new ID card. Boy, that was a place. But inspired me a bit to complete this piece actually. It was a crowded place with people that you don't know if they were real people, and you would walk and everyone might knock you off and walk away just like nothing happened at all, and needless to say about the hot weather and the walk from the car to that building. Not a place to work or to go in general, unless you are squeezed for necessity.

I finished adding the new words so far, but this is not the end of this chapter of work. We still have a list of "adds" and "fixes" that must be done to the pre-existing words added in the dictionary from the previous chapters of Alexander's story. This addition and fixing requires more attention even. Needless to say the fixes on the main text body that was already finished just few days ago.

Been working and checking some photos from Ireland last year and I've just discovered one image that I didn't work with at all, despite the fact that I've prepared its Radiance files (or HDR files in .hdr format, that is). It is a picture of the coffee house on the Inchagoil island, in the lake of Lough Corrib. I don't think I've managed to make this image before, specially before I know the PTGui. At that time, I always had problems with Photoshop for photomerging this image together. The image is tiled (several columns, everal rows) and I remember I've shot it without a tripod even, which made some slices of it a bit shaky. However, I can say the general look was fine, to my eyes at least...

There is still more digging to be done with my pictures from Ireland still...

In the meantime, I'm concerned about the receipt I'm supposed to receive from for my booking by the phone. I don't like to start doing the visa procedure without having this receipt and printing it out first. I shall go for the tickets later. Beside this concern, we have the damn car that got into the second month now with June beginning, without any news about fixing it. I didn't pay the installment for May yet. Not for a purpose, but I'm just too sick for going there at the moment. I might shorten my day tomorrow by going there and pay.

1681. Alexander wandered for some time between the bushes
1682. and found himself on the top of a hill above a valley
1683. he walked down there while his Cadid is still up and tied
1684. then he saw the trees which Biryári talked about
1685. and he tasted these fruit and they were bitter
1686. while out of sudden the Cadid on the top of the hill
1687. started to howl like a wolf would do so high
1688. Alexander moved little bit to check the Cadid
1689. but suddenly felt the ground to shake slowly
1690. he stopped to check and thought it is only his imagination
1691. but the ground started to shake more and more
1692. and the howling of the Cadid increased and been more high
1693. and weird sounds he heard of something huge
1694. something was approaching so close to him
1695. and from one corner of the valley he noticed
1696. how some trees fall down for unknown reason
1697. he looked carefully while the ground shakes hard
1698. while the dust appeared in the air from afar
1699. and from the moving dust he noticed a huge body
1700. it was but moments then he realized it is a horde
1701. it was a hoard made by group of similar animals
1702. three horns each one of them had and spikes on the back
1703. they were moving so fast in his direction face to face
1704. and the hero was paralyzed for few moments in his place

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