Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alexander 6, V72.

 Sometimes technology can be so harmful for the brain. Yes. Spent hours and hours trying to figure out my way through MySpace, and voila! My brain is jammed or tied, or maybe both.
It was a busy day relatively, but not much with work issues. By the early morning I've went on to pay the installment for my damned car that still in the garage. Yes, I'm paying for something not driving since last April. After coming back, fish samples to be prepared and stinking around, and then here you are, surfing the net for some solutions and some ideas about writing. I thought that I might fix some profile in MySpace and let people see some images there, but I guess I will have to do this back home, because my brain is just so jammed working here. The main problem is that, I cannot put on a signature like the one you see below at the end of every post here. I think this is because of the "iframe" code that the HTML editor does not accept or something! Nasty. I have added an app for my Photobucket account and hopefully, when I get back home, I shall add some pictures solely.

Good news so far. I've received the receipt for my booking and hopefully I shall proceed soon with my visa procedures. I wanted also to book my tickets today as well, but with my head into MySpace, I kind of got busy and could not remember to do this. However, not a big deal for now. But in between this and that, I made a step forward for now with my VR ambitions. I've finally ordered a VR head for my tripod that would allow me to go on making error-less stitchings. I was actually surprised that I've added this VR head into my wishlist before and I've just forgot about it! The thing about this head, away from the previously checked Novoflex, is that it is relatively cheaper (but still big amount of money) and the description is clear with a big mouth: Manfrotto 303SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Head Kit. So, this is exactly what I need! Novoflex descriptions were a bit mysterious to me as I was trying to figure out is that suitable for spherical or not, does it rotate in the directions I need or not, and so on. But with this Manfrotto, the obvious is stated: QTVR head kit.

Mentioning panoramas, I'm getting back to the lab panorama with all the stitching errors involved. I'm trying to divide my time between working on other photos and on panoramas for work, and I've just finished one simple panorama that I think I've done before, but that time I didn't have the PTGui or Photomatix:

Inchagoil church from the inside.

I've been roaming the streets and the roads with my mind being busy in many things lately and trying to find the slightest motion in front of me and put it into some line. Trying to train my brain to not stop writing poetry as it was the case few months ago when I remained for more than 5 months without thinking or writing anything. I'm regretting that I didn't practice much music when I was a kid. I think 30 is not a good age to start learning music-playing. I believe our brains at some old ages just stop absorbing new data and information and remain just like that, with little bit of development here and there. Ah well. At least I got a camera...

1705. when the hero got conscious back again
1706. he ran to the hills to avoid the running horde
1707. but the sands were soft and his hands swept
1708. every time he tried to go up the sands put him down
1709. thus he decided to face his fate in front of the hordes
1710. then he turned back and ran toward the horde itself
1711. and jumped high above and started to run
1712. his feet were stepping on the animals' backs
1713. he had to run so fast upon their backs
1714. no mistakes were allowed from his feet
1715. or else he shall be lifeless and dead
1716. the hero kept on running from one back to another
1717. even though they were few moments in time
1718. but time was slowing down in the eyes of Alexander
1719. by jumping from one animal to another he got injured
1720. because the backs of the animals were sharp like swords
1721. but he kept on jumping with all the blood from his feet
1722. until he fell down on the ground and the horde passed away
1723. his sandals were torn out and the blood filled his body
1724. and he felt the pain in every part of his body
1725. thus he crawled to a near by tree to take some rest
1726. while the Cadid was trying to break his chain
1727. the Cadid wanted to rescue his master from this
1728. but the hero remained under the tree and slept

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