Sunday, June 6, 2010

Alexander 6, V73.

Ever felt that your brain is melting, or let's say you have no brain at all? This is exactly the situation we are having today. Hours roaming in the sun here and there to get things in order with a black shirt and a white sport-like suit, while fasting and not willing to put that down just right now, all of that made me just like a dizzy fly hitting the walls while walking.
I've discovered, or let's say re-discovered, that my passport is to be expired on September 26th, while my flight booking is for September 28th! Hilarious! I had the whole year but I didn't realize the situation except at this moment! This morning I had to go on taking photos of myself and running to the nearest place to place an order for a passport. When all of this is done, I will be able to complete my visa procedures accordingly.

Away from the fuss, I've been working little bit on my MySpace just to show some samples of what I do. Been doing some photos again but in different settings for HDR and tone-mapping, because some of them, or many of them, were done at the time when I didn't have most of the tools I have now nor the knowledge that I have now. One of these new-old images was the panorama for Soog Sharg with the marina façade:

Soog Sharg Marina (new)

The main changes to this one is that the temperature of the colors were set to fluorescent before combining into HDR, and also, the color profile to work with was set to ProPhoto. Personally, I was afraid that ProPhoto profiles won't be viewable by web browsers, but it was all OK. I had some problems with Photobucket with uploading files and I thought it is a problem with the color profile as well, but it turns out that it's just some glitch in the website itself. Morever, the picture was cleaned of noise and sharpened with NeatImage and Noise Ninja. For the time being, I'm inclined to convert everything to ProPhoto, because it is the color profile with the widest gamut or space. Just for a comparison, here you go with the old paniorama:

Soog Sharg Marina (old)

The difference is clear. More contrast for the new panorama, and sharp edges (on a large scale), and also, the tone-mapping is more "wild" if I should say in the new one, while the manual tone-mapping in the old panorama makes it more like dull bright. Is it the time to go over some old shots now and try to fix them? Hmm...

Beside working on these photos for my MySpace account, I still do work slightly on some images from Ireland and trying to use those who were corrupted somehow (shaky or the like) and find them a place in my collection. While some photos were there, was like it is the first time I've seen it at all, even though I'm the photographer!

Winter Garden - Brigit's Gardens in Co. Galway.

Now with this fuss I'm in right now, I don't think I would be able to work more on anything related to my Ayvarith, but before I go on with my tasks this morning, I've thought of some words to write. I called it Glutching Ghetto. It is a reflection on memories I had, and how some of them are hard to be just left alone. I'm trying to move forward from the phase of writing poems to more flexible lyrics, and it is hard to do with without a background in music or anything related to music. All what I have is my brain and imagination and writing down these words.

I think I will drop for a nap in this office, again, after the noon time prayer just to cool down this body after being grilled in this sun...
1729. the hero lost the count of time when he slept
1730. then he found himself in the darkness under the tree
1731. he realized that he fainted rather than slept
1732. and beside him was the Cadid sleeping as well
1733. Alexander checked the chain and it was broken
1734. seems the Cadid broke it by his fierce power
1735. he raised his eyes up to heaven so slow
1736. and there lied the three moons on the tops
1737. each moon of them took his own mountain top
1738. he got his bag of food and had some as he was starving
1739. and he put some food for the Cadid as well by his side
1740. he felt calm and felt restful because he is on the path
1741. he checked his feet and found out no blood was there
1742. but only scratches and injuries on his skin
1743. in a hurry then he made a fire from some woods
1744. because he was afraid of other creatures in this land
1745. while the Cadid woke up and started to eat
1746. by the light of the fire, Alexander started fixing his sandal
1747. and explored the place with his eyes, left and right
1748. he started to think about his next mission
1749. what Biryári meant by coming to help?
1750. the thoughts raced through the mind of Alexander
1751. until he fell asleep back again under the tree
1752. and the Cadid stayed beside him to protect

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