Monday, June 7, 2010

Alexander 6, V74.

 Monday. Do I have to explain it? I don't think so.
I had a plan to spend this day calmly in my office and work on my Ayvarith project little bit, adding words to the dictionary and fixing some entries...etc. But, destiny had other plans for me. I received a phone call telling me to come and get my car from the garage! Can you believe it?! After being in the garage since April 18th, it is released just now. Of course, I thought this is just some good news. So I thought, with my childish dreams.
I'm going to state the events in a sequence, to be easier to be understood:
  1. Took off to the leasing company to get my car.
  2. A damage founded in the exchange car and they asked me to bring papers to repair the car.
  3. Went to the nearest police station to get the paper, the officer said I must go to my area's police station.
  4. Went all the way to my area's police station and in between the paper work I lost like an hour of my time.
  5. Got the paper, got back to the leasing company.
  6. In the company I had to wait for more than one hour (or two) to get someone to get the car for me.
  7. The battery was dead (and I don't know how they moved it), so one more 30 minutes or one hour of waiting.
  8. Here I am.
Away from all of that, there has been some delay in my shipment for the Manfrotto head. My friend says it is normal now for DHL to have such delays.

Sick of all the stress, so I'm going to stop talking about it now. Beside my typical work in preparing some fish samples this morning, I took some time to write some words, call it poetry, lyrics, or whatever. I made two pieces, one for a contest the other one was cooking in my mind for some time. The first was called Lady of Glass Shoes, and the second is Be Animal. I just got a word about the first poem now, that I couldn't get into the contest, because the contest was about short stories and not poems (duh?). The second poem was done minutes before writing this. It is how I feel about me being a human being in a fussy messy world around me. So.. let's be animals...

Still digging into those images from Ireland, and I saw one image that I didn't notice before and even forgot about completely.

This image was composed using Exposure Fusion and not into HDR. The HDR tone-mapping proved difficult and produced many artifacts and erratic pixels in the image. All of this because of the movement of the image. The picture was taken on boat on the way to Inchagoill island, and hence, it was so shaky and the main subject in the middle was displaced in great amount from the center point. The exposure fusion at this point solved it all and eliminated the problem with the displacement, and also, produced the bluish hue of the image that was not very to get in tone-mapping the HDR version. Is it nice to have such great tools? Morever, Exposure Fusion option is not like a magic wand, since it already failed to eliminate some of the shaky images in my collection, but still it is nice to see such results at hand at this point.

Time to submit all of this fuss here and get ready to leave back home. I need a good damn sleep...
1753. the next morning arrived with its glory
1754. and the birds awakened Alexander and his Cadid
1755. the two looked at each other and around them
1756. the fresh breeze of air made them forget the pains
1757. Alexander gave the Cadid some food again for breakfast
1758. and he decided to explore the valley and its trees
1759. to make food for himself from these plants
1760. he wandered with his Cadid to different parts
1761. until he noticed no tree had a shadow at day
1762. just like the people of this weird world or most of them
1763. except of one tree that had a moving shadow
1764. he wandered in the valley to check other trees
1765. but it was only that tree that had a shadow
1766. he approached the tree with his Cadid slowly
1767. as soon as they arrived beside the tree of shadow
1768. the branches started to catch the clothes of Alexander
1769. so rapidly, he escaped from it and ran away
1770. while the Cadid kept on barking and howling
1771. the thoughts raced in Alexander's mind about it
1772. then he said to himself: if people have no shadows,
1773. and get shadows when they do evil in their lives,
1774. how come this tree has a shadow of its own?
1775. could it be that someone transformed into a tree?
1776. but Alexander could not find a final answer

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