Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alexander 6, V75.

 Calm day relatively after all the fuss that happened yesterday. Yet, working with Ayvarith right now jammed my brain little bit. Finally I finished the additions and fixes. Now it is time to pour everything on the HTML files, or rather convert these text documents into HTML. In the meantime as well, I'm going on thinking of a layout for the webpage I'm planning to do, which is something not settled yet in my mind.

Been writing down some words that were cooking in my mind for a while, and finally put them on paper here. I called it Let Go The Passion. I've submitted the same piece into another website that I've known recently, www.songwritingfever.com. A nice website I'd say for wanna-be-artists. I've submitted the piece for opinions only.

Unfortunately I didn't find something really useful with my digging up in the photos of last year's visit to Ireland, but hopefully I shall try again today (tonight) and upload them up into the web. I found some that would turn out great, but neither HDR merging nor Exposure Fusion were successful in eliminating some of the hard artifacts. Most of these photos were taken from the boat. I would still, maybe, make something out of a single shot rather than merging 3 of them together, but I'm not sure of the outcome.

Checking up with DHL now, and I'm glad my shipment had finally moved a bit, though still in the USA. I need this VR head now to try it out with my latest lab projects, since I gave up the hope completely in anything good about the stitch. They were simply, erratic!

Signed out for an earlier leave, so I must submit this now, and go back home and play a game that I've been waiting to play for some time!
1777. in that moment a shout from afar cut off the silence
1778. "hey you! what are you doing?" someone said
1779. Alexander looked behind him and saw no one
1780. he looked back to the tree and wanted to get close
1781. but the shout again appeared again and louder even
1782. he stopped and looked around but no one he could see
1783. until he felt something that hurts his feet
1784. he jumped a bit and looked down with anger
1785. and found out a dwarf creature close to his feet
1786. Alexander got surprised for the size of that thing
1787. and down to his knees he knelt to see
1788. then Alexander asked: are you talking to me?
1789. the bad tempered dwarf replied: you see others here?
1790. Alexander replied with confidence: no, but who are you?
1791. the dwarf replied with anger: I think I should ask you this!
1792. Alexander answered calmly: my name is Alexander,
1793. a stranger from these lands and seeking my destination,
1794. now would you please tell me who are you?
1795. the dwarf replied with a high pitched voice
1796. "I am Kaliván, and the owner of this half of the lands"
1797. Alexander stepped back then and said: Ah! Sorry then!
1798. I did step here by mistake as I am a stranger,
1799. but what is wrong with this tree of shadow?
1800. then the dwarf sighed and looked down

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