Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alexander 6, V76.

 Ever had a miserable week in your life? Then come here please and let's compare things together.
I finish from car problems and now PC problems again. The PC works fine but nothing shows on the monitor despite the fact that the monitor is working. I thought it's the monitor card or something, but when I picked it to the shop today (skipping work for today), amazingly, the PC worked fine. I was afraid that I need to do some formatting again. I'm just not ready for this. Now, after the guy took 2 KD for his "efforts", I got back home and the problem persists. The monitor doesn't show anything. I've connected the monitor just for a test into this laptop I'm using now, and it worked! What the hell is going on with this damned week? Why nothing works as I want it? It was just a restart for God's sake!

At the current time, I really have no mood for anything. The only thing that tunes me in is some music. By the way, there is one image I did before all of this happen but I've forgot to hand it over here. I called it Clouds Race, and it's taken from Lough Corrib as well, from the boat:

1801. Alexander gazed upon the dwarf thing and waited
1802. finally the dwarf answered: my poor tree is sick!
1803. the damned Mikanazzar passed through it lately,
1804. and its Jawsamályá is not in its place anymore,
1805. Aramramátáníth could not fix this problem,
1806. and if this sickness is not cured fast enough,
1807. oh! how much troubles shall be facing on the lands!
1808. all the trees then will be endangered!
1809. no food, no fire, but hunger and coldness!
1810. and the Peace Valley will not be in peace!
1811. the dwarf went silent while Alexander was gazing
1812. and the angry dwarf said: what are you looking at?!
1813. then Alexander said: I did not understand a word you said!
1814. what is Mikanazzar, and the Jawsamályá?
1815. and what is the Aram... this name was hard for me!
1816. the dwarf thought that Alexander was mocking at him
1817. thus he started to poke Alexander's face with anger
1818. but Alexander put his hand and pushed the dwarf away
1819. then he said to the dwarf: is that how you receive strangers?
1820. do not make my rage raise and my hand then knows no mercy!
1821. but the dwarf replied with mockery: pah! and what you can do?
1822. my Aramramátáníth shall help me against you, O useless!
1823. and amid this fight and argument between the two
1824. a cold wind passed through the valley from the north

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