Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alexander 6, V77.

Calm day relatively and I hope I won't regret saying that. After fixing my PC now without re-formatting everything sounds a bit smooth and easy, except of some mental problems hovering in my head. No, no mental illness. Just some worries.
Started this day with preparing another package of fish samples. Boy, I should work in some factory! After that I roamed around to put gas and buy stuff for home, and I was supposed to deliver a paper for someone but he relieved me from that and asked to send it by fax! Phew! I'm thinking now maybe I shouldt have started to fast this day. Although I didn't sweat much, but the hunger and thirst are taking the best of me.

With my PC back to normal now, thank God, I've started doing some minor photos here and there from Ireland, simple ones though. Lot of them now are not suitable I guess to be uploaded into the stock sites.
In the meantime, I don't feel like writing or working on anything today. As simple as that. All what I'm thinking of now is a cold shower, really!

I leave you with some shots from Ireland now...

1825. with the passage of the cold wind in the valley
1826. the dwarf knelt down as a sign of respect
1827. but Alexander did not kneel and looked carefully
1828. then the dwarf said with low voice of anger
1829. "kneel down O useless one! It is the Aramramátáníth!"
1830. but just before Alexander trying to kneel down
1831. a voice that could be heard from everywhere occurred
1832. the voice said: Kaliván, do not hurt the man,
1833. he is the one to save this land for us!
1834. thus Kaliván replied: yes O Mistress of goodness!
1835. while Alexander stood in his place amazed
1836. he could not see anything but heard the voice
1837. then a cold breeze is felt and the weather changed
1838. and everything got back to how it was before
1839. and Kaliván looked upon Alexander and this he said
1840. "I apology O good man, why you did not say so?"
1841. but Alexander got more amazed and said: say what?
1842. Kaliván said: why did you not say that you were sent?
1843. but Alexander asked again: sent by who O good man?
1844. then Kaliván smiled and said: by Aramramátáníth of course!
1845. then Alexander sighed and looked up
1846. and he knelt down to the dwarf and said
1847. "why do you not come O good man and tell me everything?
1848. there is so much I need to understand in your world"

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