Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alexander 6, V78.

 Calm day relatively after one fussy week that just passed away. Surprisingly, I didn't notice that I've made a new wave of images from Ireland, or a pack of 30 images, like I usually do. I spent the whole day, yesterday, trying to organize them and send it all over to many recepients as much as possible.
Despite the lessened frustration, but the day didn't pass without annoyances because of the bereaucrats. I was supposed to get my passport back today and her highness, the girl over the counter, said that it will be ready by 11 O'clock (it was 8:30 already). After all what I've suffered just to get a parking place in that hellish place now she asks me to get back at another time. I spent more than 15 minutes roaming in circles like someone lost in a circular labyrinth and at the end I've parked in a no-parking area in front of the police station! Hilarious!

I've finally managed to get my Manfrotto 303SPH from DHL and still trying to get used to it but unfortunately I've been struck with unpleasant fact: it doesn't screw properly on my "old" tripod. But I'm working on it at the moment and will try to see if there is some way to go around that.

Manfrotto 303SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Pro Head (Black)
Manfrotto 303SPH

My writing mood had been switched off again because of the dizzy things here and there and I barely have the time to write something even when I think of some lines in my head. I don't carry a note with me now wherever I go. Typing down as well is not as good as writing down on paper. The pen and paper got some classical sense on them and somehow, strangely, help on with the flow of words. With me at least.

I've spent some of my day now adjusting and fixing some of the stuff in the Ayvarith dictionary and trying to proof-read the Ayvarith version of Alexander 6. I have to go through the whole document and emphasize on some aspects of the grammar, specially the present tense formulation from 4-letter-root verbs. I know I made a fuss in this category. Meanwhile, there had been some corrections in the manucript as well for some duplicated use of some words but they occured in different ways in Ayvarith. While doing all of this and that, I'm planning and trying to put some primitive idea or design for the general webpage in the near future. To do this, I have to seriously now consider ending my continuous fasting because I will be needing lot of concentration starting from the morning or after that a bit, at work. Most of my stuff about Ayvarith are done at work not at home. At home I'm mostly busy with photography and other things, plus, gaming!

I leave you now with some photos from my last email...

1849. the two sat down beside one tree, with the Cadid
1850. and Kaliván just noticed the Cadid beside Alexander
1851. and he shouted so out loud: Cadid!!! you have a Cadid!!!
1852. Alexander answered calmly and said: yes, he is my servant
1853. but Kaliván stepped back and shouted: what kind of man are you?!
1854. Alexander replied: calm down O Kaliván, or else!
1855. under this pressure from Alexander, Kaliván got back
1856. and with a calm and humble voice he said: yes O good man,
1857. what are your questions? I hope I will answer all I can,
1858. but later, you should tell me your story as well
1859. Alexander agreed to the terms of the dwarf
1860. and then he asked: what is Jawsamályá?
1861. what is Mikanazzar and what is Aram... ?
1862. the dwarf man then answered calmly but in surprise
1863. "it is indeed a surprise that Aramramátáníth chose you!
1864. but what can I say in front of the will of the Great,
1865. and I wonder how come a man do not know these!
1866. however, I shall answer you as you requested"
1867. Alexander kept a careful eye on Kaliván
1868. and for his answer he was waiting patiently
1869. but the time was traveling so slow in that moment
1870. thus he could not keep it inside his heart
1871. and he had to yell at the little man out loud
1872. "Kaliván! hurry up! we do not have all day!"

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