Monday, June 14, 2010

Alexander 6, V79.

 Monday with a diet. This is what today is, and my passport is still not ready and I'm worrying about being late to submit the visa that might take more than 8 weeks (2 months that is) in order to get it! Welcome to a new level of stupidity for how things work in this country.
My mind is shut and I can't write anymore right now. Trying to get inspiration like I used to have it last week, but no luck. There are other things that I'm concerned about at work but I'm needing this visa application to be sent and get rid off to settle down a bit with my thinking on other things.

At home, I've tried to look for something to fit my Manfrotto head on my tripod still, but no luck. Not until, by coincidence and while I was playing a game that the idea jumped to my head! The game is "Art of Murder - The Hunt for The Puppeteer." At some point in the game, the heroin of the whole thing tries to fit the cap of the radiator from one car onto another radiator in another car, but it is bigger. I unconsciously put on a disposable glove from the inventory which I've collected through out the game, and put on the radiator and closed the cap to hold still. I don't know why I did that unconciously and it worked in the game, but I never thought about it in reality for my tripod! I was thinking of other things and even fixing a piece of paper or anything like that, while the solution is simply, a nylon or rubber!

Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer

The game is not the sort for fainting hearts by the way. Well, not that violent but lot of things there that might not be suitable for sensitive people anyway.
Hence now with this idea in my mind, I've borrowed some plastic wrapping that are sort of hard (and not the type used for tables, this one is thicker) and I will try to stuff it in between the hole and the bolt and see if it's going to work now. Hopefully. I'm afraid though of the heavy weight of the VR head (around 2 kg). The whole thing might collapse while working with it or something! Headache, headache, headache.

Nothing special for today, only proof-reading the text and fixing the Ayvaric grammar and spelling wherever I manage to remember the right thing! I made a simple sketch for my proposed webpage, but I wonder if this sketch is possible without using Flash this time. I've decided already that I don't want to get back to Flash, and I don't know if this is possible the way I'm thinking about it right now.

I leave you now, with some catches from Ireland...

1849. the two sat down beside one tree, with the Cadid
1850. and Kaliván just noticed the Cadid beside Alexander
1851. and he shouted so out loud: Cadid!!! you have a Cadid!!!
1852. Alexander answered calmly and said: yes, he is my servant
1853. but Kaliván stepped back and shouted: what kind of man are you?!
1854. Alexander replied: calm down O Kaliván, or else!
1855. under this pressure from Alexander, Kaliván got back
1856. and with a calm and humble voice he said: yes O good man,
1857. what are your questions? I hope I will answer all I can,
1858. but later, you should tell me your story as well
1859. Alexander agreed to the terms of the dwarf
1860. and then he asked: what is Jawsamályá?
1861. what is Mikanazzar and what is Aram... ?
1862. the dwarf man then answered calmly but in surprise
1863. "it is indeed a surprise that Aramramátáníth chose you!
1864. but what can I say in front of the will of the Great,
1865. and I wonder how come a man do not know these!
1866. however, I shall answer you as you requested"
1867. Alexander kept a careful eye on Kaliván
1868. and for his answer he was waiting patiently
1869. but the time was traveling so slow in that moment
1870. thus he could not keep it inside his heart
1871. and he had to yell at the little man out loud
1872. "Kaliván! hurry up! we do not have all day!"

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