Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alexander 6, V80.

Finally! I got it! I got my passport! An occasion worths a party indeed. Nevertheless, it was a tiresome day indeed. I'm completely dehydrated now and I hate to cut the fast now. I spent two hours roaming the streets in this sun from one location to the other and finally, to get my passport. The traffic jam got me by a surprise... EVERYWHERE.
Now, it's time to settle things with my visa application and keep going! I had a nap in my office for one hour in hope that I would remain awake at home a bit in order to work on the visa application, and tomorrow I would send over my documents over by DHL. I've sent a single book today with a weight less than 1 kg (2.2 lb) only for 45KD! That's around 154 dollars!! Now you know how we get rocketing salaries and still we remain poor people. Sending the documents to the Irish embassy in the near by Riyadh, would cost even 55KD as far as I remember.

Worked for some time after getting back home yesterday with my VR head and trying to fix it over the tripod that I have already. Unfortunately, my idea for wrapping and stuffing some plastic sheet in between the two didn't work out.
On the other hand, I noticed some extra nuts and arms with some of the other tripods that I don't usually use, because they don't fit and also broken. However, one nut, worked out like a converter from small bolt to big bolt!

This nut, from an old tripod, was then fixed into the body of the VR head and it fitted perfectly!

The VR head was then tightened to the tripod...

The set is not completely stable though and needs careful rotation when working with the camera. So far, I've attached the camera on top and it was stable still. There was a tiny problem though later on, that is when I removed the VR head, the nut was hard to remove from the body of the VR head after tightening it, thus I had to use pliers. All is left now is to calibrate the camera with my fisheye lens and take the reading on the scales to refer to them at any time I decide to go on with this head and with the fisheye lens. Of course, I can do the same with the other lenses I have, but now for panoramas, I do use mostly the fisheye lens for the wide angle view. Although I always read about a calibration to find out the nodal point (or no-parallax point) for the lens, in order to avoid stitching errors later on, but I always thought it is a horizontal process, i.e. done for the camera when it's rotating in a horizontal plane. Here, with the manual of the Manfrotto 303SPH, I find out that we need to do a vertical calibration as well.
The whole thing is shaky for the time being but I might be able to test it at least for the time being. Who knows though, I might get myself a new tripod fitting for all the fuss I'm having now...
1897. then Kaliván continued and said: but I wonder!
1898. where are you from O stranger? you do not know all this?
1899. thus Alexander smiled and rested his back on a tree
1900. and he started to tell his story to Kaliván
1901. and Kaliván surprised more and more with every event
1902. then Alexander told him how he got into this world
1903. and what happened before in the village until he arrived here
1904. thus Kaliván said: a man who catches his own Cadid is a hero!
1905. and you are a king, thus you are a doubled hero!
1906. I think I know now why Aramramátáníth chose you,
1907. with your faith, it seems you are the only one to help us
1908. Alexander thought for a moment and said to Kaliván
1909. "the Jawsamályá as you said is responsible for balance, right?"
1910. and Kaliván answered: yes, it is to be so
1911. then Alexander said: but do you not think that it is more than that?
1912. this tree is weirdly acting as if it is alive, and not only sick,
1913. it is as if the core of this tree is inhabited with something
1914. then Kaliván replied: I agree, it should be a sick tree only,
1915. then what do you suggest O hero of Caqobia?
1916. Alexander thought for a moment and said: let me check,
1917. I need to get closer to the tree without being caught,
1918. any way you can think of O my little friend?
1919. Kaliván felt a bit of anger with his new title
1920. but forgot about it rapidly and started to think

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